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  1. Hi guys, Anyone knows if this the Michelin Road 5 tyres are already available in Singapore? Would appreciate it if someone can share the price for it. I am riding a Z900 and looking forward to change both front and rear tyres for it... Current size that I am looking for is 120/70/17 front and 180 or 190/55/17 rear. TIA.
  2. Yo, what kinda accessories that you are looking for? I think in Singapore, there is not much of accessories for Z900 as it is quite rare to find another Z900 on the road, however there should be abundant of it in Johor. I had gotten my Z900 just a few months back and found a few bike shops in Johor that is selling substantial amount of its accessories and these that I usually frequents are MrBike93 and MBK. Hope this helps.
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