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  1. Wow, tats very gud. My PB1 so far can clock up to 380km for full tank only... After tat, never get tat high anymore...
  2. Yup, nitrogen is an inert gas. Is much more ligher than air also. Btw, my fren's dad works at an Aviation industry.
  3. Ya, i tink with torres against Chealsea i can see Liv scoring a goal or two. I hope... Crouch juz cannot get the ball at the back of the net. Also stil very slow. Overall i'm satis with the performance. Juz tat we r losing too many points.
  4. Ya grease or oil lubricant can make a diff. Last time had my chain making loud noise whenever i move off. Tot the chain n sprocket wear alrdy even whn i inspect it looks ok. Before sending to change, i lub my chain. Whn on the way to bikeshop, the sound totally dissappear. Haha... lucky me save $180. Tis happen since last month is raining like everyday n the lub is wash away after few ridehours...
  5. I'll try asking him... Its good if can. I heard also tat Bikelab r specialise in servicing shocks... Tinking of bikewerkz but thy r always buzy. Went thr whn thy r juz open n alrdy ve ppl waiting. Lucky for me mybe!
  6. Haha, gud one bro. Shall ask my Gf whether can give me one of her kabayas! Yup, it makes a diff compare to normal air... Tats y airplane uses nitrogen for their tires. How much do shops offer charging for nitrogen?
  7. Tats why la, its like for one side only. If not total $160 for both. U spend so much for ur S4. Last time my rxz only make me spend $1.5k. N stil ve things to change. In the end, let it go... Cannot tahan but hard pain to see it go away:cry:
  8. Mine is 4pts, done at Bikewerkz for $30. Feel respond abit better.
  9. He pumps it for free:cheeky: His dad does it for him. He also never ask from whr and how.. Mybe i must kepo alittle bit:angel:
  10. I need to service both cuz both quite soft already. I tink wil do the front fork first. Hm, $150. In the earlier discussion some one mention $80. Dnt knw it is for a pair or one only...
  11. Wah, like tat SAKIT MATA (eye pain) Flashing for awhile is better! Too much also no gud dah...
  12. Aya, thy dont wan to celebrate cny huh. Enter ppl house n stealing somemore. Luckily one only, if both more hard pain... I tink u juz one in spore thn fix it in Jb.
  13. AhPek, u very sharp eye huh... I dont even notice it til u ask smiley. I ve done grounding but gud to know if thr r better location for the grounding pts.
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