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  1. Hi Sir,


    May I know where did you, or where can I buy the side fairing that you have for your FZ16



    I wish to buy this kind of setup

  2. Much,much nicer than the current fz15.If got Yoshi for it i'll definitely get.
  3. Hi guys,need a bit of help.Can help me find out how much is the original Yamaha battery for FZ6?And also wat it the front sprockt size? THanks a million.
  4. If u are riding a FZ6,i'm selling my Shogun sliders for $30 only.
  5. I can't wear my AGV with specs.Too tight.
  6. This one cost $2800 at Regina.Just asked 2 days back.
  7. Hi guys.i'm selling my predator facemask for GSR 400/600.Used only for 3 mths.Bought from Elson @ Equiptment Extreme.Selling at $60 and slightly neg as i bought it for $110.No screws providedSelf collect at Sengkang.PM to deal.Cheers! http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/5647/gsrpredator2zs2.jpg
  8. Yah,thats what my frend said.His fz frends changed their wheel bearings 1st b4 the tour.
  9. Bros,my frend told me that FZs(generally both 600 n 1000) have problems with wheel bearings.Cause he went touring with his frends and some of them riding FZs.Is it true? Also,i asked a bike shop today bout my FZ6 battery.He told me that FZ6 battery cost about est $190 due to that its those totally dry type.So ex ar?!Thats for Yuasa.Anybody using Shinko?
  10. Mine also Allianz.$600 at age 27. Wanted NTUC but was too ex.1k+.
  11. Ok lor.I'll try to join up the next day trip.
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