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  1. wow air cooled eh? what a experience, I am very puzzled cause the battery is a branded one, now change to a no brand batt and clueless about the issue, just worried it might happen again. Does the rest of your bikes heat up to over 105 degrees normally? I had a neighbour who said his GSXR600 ran all the way to 120+ degrees ! Its like braising ur (excuse me language) balls !!
  2. My bike broke down last Sunday, I was riding at around Seletar area and lost my way. Then my bike started to get really hot till 112 degrees, I stopped to ask for the way and turned off my bike, then I couldn't start it again. Went to the mechanic and couldn't really tell what was the issue. In the end changed my battery and a voltmeter, the thing I changed a new battery 6 months ago when I got the bike. Any suggestions what could be the problem? I am riding a R1 04 model.
  3. There was a accident at Eunos as well I think on the CTE too
  4. What is colorrite? Hi Khuboy, where is ur fairing from?
  5. I once has a similar issue on my scrambler, it could be either the valve or the clutch plates itself.
  6. bro, which model is your bike? I know what you mean on the changing gear portion. Did you mod ur exhausts? or is it stock?

  7. bro these are for which model?

  8. Hi I am looking at your add for ur CBR1000. What is the mileage and where can I view the bike? Where did you buy ur bike from?

  9. Yes, its still for sale, details as per below:


    Bike is Registered in June 2003, there's only 2 ZX12R registered in that year, no more after that, thus this is prob the last piece of ZX12R brought in.


    I'm the 2nd Owner, since 2008. Bike is 100% accident-free, still in immaculate original paintwork.


    Mileage up till Dec 2009 is only 12,000 KM. I rode up to ChiangMai and MHS last month, and clocked 7,000KM, mileage now is 19K +.


    Comes with fresh set of Michelin 2CT front & rear, enough to last to ChiangMai and back again.


    Steelbriaded hoses front & rear, and rear hugger


    Yoshi RS3 Duplex Full-system with PC3-Usb, original pipes included


    Full set of original tool kit and single-seater.


    I can bet with you that you wont be able to find another ZX12R in such stock(outlook) & immaculate condition, this is a keeper. This is my spare bike which i hardly ride, maybe once every 2 weeks.


    Asking price: $12,500, neg upon viewing.


    call me @ 9846-6814 if keen.

  10. call me at 91478879

  11. Hi I am interested in looking at your bike, how do I contact you?

  12. The next time you start going on the road, please follow the BBDC code rules of checking your motorbike before going off. It could save yr life. While riding a short distance from my workplace to the bike shop, the mechanic found that my chain guard was found detached and above the chain. That could only happen if someone wanted to steal it cause it involves detaching 4 screws and trying to take it apart. It was a good thing I decided to change my spark plug otherwise, I would definitely be flying if the chain guard jammed my wheel or chain. To the idiot who wanted to steal my chai
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