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  1. hi guys many things happen since my last entry here on apr2018. below is the brief details, Wil share wt u more if time permits. 1. got a good deal used block frm carosel & instaled. 2. found out bike was saved from NEA death sentence 3. went for 5days solo ride covering entire malaysia. 4. manage to diy chrome polish rim. 5. Nex project to diy instal rear hugger. 6. Thinking of solo ride to southern Thailand. Haha
  2. hi desmond, ive been reading tis thread & its an honour to noe u the krmaster. sorry I no FB, hope u can contact me at my above given personal email.
  3. Hi all KRRs I tot thread dead but today I realised still breathing & beating. Sorry I no FB & seldom come here but I can be easier contacted via email: [email protected] TQ
  4. Hi all Any of the old bird in tis forum stil riding kr? Would u like to be my friend? 😊
  5. Its been quite sometime.. Dto, Koda & myself had formed an informal wasap group chat & we met up 1st time on 16mar nite at yishun dam. Wah! It was fun noeing u guys.. i tot i was a dying breed. For those KRRs out there welcome to join us.
  6. Hi bro Sipul Tks for ur reply. U got pm.
  7. Any KRRs here noe where to do the original rims make the sides look like chrome or polished metal.
  8. Any KRRs here noe a gd place to recondition/refurbish bike (eg. make good like new the skeleton such as the frame, handlebar, fork, swingarm, footrest & misc all brackets)
  9. Any KRRs here noe a gd place to lacquer coverset?
  10. Any KRRs here hv spare block to letgo do let me noe k..
  11. Im ok. When? Find midle place lah. Bro Dto, Bro kodabear u got pm.
  12. Instructors taught all the drivers & riders good practice but after pass out all come out own patern (including myself). Wat to do.. our road culture like tat.. My opinion is, some knowledge can learn thru books & some knowledge learn from hard knocks. from ur bad riding incidents.. i can say after riding for sometime the rider insticts wil naturaly come to u. here i remind to all & myself.. try our best to ride alert & ride safely.. Last time riding i used to take precaution on taxi. time has changed.. i now scared of grabuber, their driving worst then taxi. I felt ta
  13. only a small group of bad pple, not all........ I not brave, half of time i scared. I used to go anytime but now usualy go in the daytime, i park whr can c my bike or dun park at deserted places, i bike lock discs lock & chain to railing. If fated wil stil kena steal but we stil must do ur part to prevent. If u wan to follow can.. Not weird, Its normal, good to take ur time do research b4 geting something. I tampines. Like tat can bring me to ‘dam’ lah.. haha.. Tat is jz an example to show the estimate of curent FC ler.. I usually ride slowly, nice bike must let ppl
  14. Congrats bro, u must b a high dicipline person as ur bike ready b4 u got ur licence. If was me oredy bring out ride b4 licence.. haha.. Gd to noe ur bike so far so gd. Btw, whr u area u staying? I agree wit bro kodabear, tis bike’s fun, i njoyed riding it & no regret owning it.
  15. Hi bros Tot tread dead. Coz ive been blabering here like old man.. sory if i anoyed pple here. Dun mean to brag, jz sharing my xprience myb u cn find it useful & i like to talk bout bike but i dun hv biker friend..
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