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  1. not in singapore yet?
  2. Hi guys, recently i notice my bike is vibrating a lot more than usual on 80 to 110km/h. And today i realise its even more so for the first few gears. I need to up gear earlier than in the past because it seem to be over-revving and gives a very rough feeling as compared to last time. I just changed engine oil though. Using LiquiMoly 15w40 semi-syn. Also changed new sprocket and chain. What seem to be the problem anyone can help me out?
  3. Eh how the maintenance for the bike? is it hard cause the brand so rare to find?
  4. Yo bro i just got my license too, i have the same issue as u, didn't know which bike to get especially with the coe so high now. Just curious to know if you got your bike already? If yes don't mind sharing it? What bike u get in the end for how much haha.
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