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  1. Sorry for your loses bros. Hope yor insurance companies pay out a reasonable compensation. Mind sharing the circumstances of your loss? eg. how long your bike was left unattended? Went alone or in a group?
  2. Of course I know la.. Im just taking a dig at the ICA. Seriously though, one solution which would benefit Singaporean bikers would be for the ICA to create 1 lane for Singaporeans. I would say 95% of those who ride to ride to work are Malaysians. The Malaysian bikers will say this is 'unfair', but Im looking at this from the interest of a Singaporean at the Singapore checkpoint. What the Malaysian customs do for their citizens is another matter. Again, just saying. It would be a miracle if this were to be implemented.
  3. When I saw this in the papers, I was speechless. This is the one and only profession which I have the greatest respect for, and which I have never mentioned anything negative about it. The two pilots are indeed a disgrace to the aviation community. True, we all have our weakness.. but child pornography?? Only the lowest lifeforms will engage in such an abhorrent act. What was worse, the captain has 2 daughters. I am speechless. If such a person is among the exclusive community whose members have earned the privileged to sit in the front of an airliner, but does not appreciate this
  4. The sound isn't from the timing chain? Maybe worn out?
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