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  1. where u build your sidecar and how much it costs?

  2. Hi, did a quick search on the forum and i believe that i just bought your 2001 Monster 750. FS plated


    just wana know more about the history of the bike!

  3. I've got the wide phantom handlebar and wish to sell. Selling it at 80 contact me at 92780575, Sebastian

  4. Ok found it, it's under the batt tray. Managed to start after tapping the 2 terminals together. So that means it's the starter solenoid that is damaged? If yes, how much is the replacement and are there any OEM parts avail? Thanks
  5. Hey thanks for the quick reply bro. The charge back voltage is good. I can't find the starter solenoid.......
  6. Hi guys. I didn't ride or start my bike for 1mth plus, and when I tried starting it today the batt as expected was almost flat. And after a few cranks it went totally flat and there was no more cranking. I managed to jump start it using the slopes on the MSCP. But after that there was no crank when I push the start button. My guess will be either the starter relay or the starter motor. I tried rocking the bike forward and backwards in 1st gear but it doesn't work. how much is the starter relay? Is there any way I can close the starter motor circuit directly to test?
  7. Hi there pal, u sell exhaust wrap for TW? Dont mind give me the rates? Am interested in getting. Pls drop me a msg if you dont mind at 90663857. Cheers!!

  8. Hey bro! Didn't know u are back on a V-twin again. Haha. Meet up for Kopi someday
  9. I got some exhaust wrap for sale. Pm if interested
  10. He is already riding a M400 so I guess he should know
  11. Hey bro, your bike with the side car is a GN 125 or CM 125? Cheers mate!

  12. From what I know, you don't rev a V-twin(or L-twin) like inline 4. You make use of the low revs that generates plenty of torque instead. Less is more
  13. You sold your M? How much for the EBC pads BTW
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