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  1. 7months of blood and sweat to build this! Hope it'll go to a nice new home. http://www.returnofthecaferacers.com/2012/02/readers-rides-honda-cm125-riot-bike.html?m=1 Cheers!!
  2. where u build your sidecar and how much it costs?

  3. Hi, did a quick search on the forum and i believe that i just bought your 2001 Monster 750. FS plated


    just wana know more about the history of the bike!

  4. Hey thanks. I just checked and it different. So where can I buy OEM parts for pulsar? Mine is 2nd hand. Btw awesome website! "liked" your FB page
  5. Hi bros/sis. I juts got a Pulsar 180. Can I check if the sprocket and chain is the same type as RXZ?
  6. I've got the wide phantom handlebar and wish to sell. Selling it at 80 contact me at 92780575, Sebastian

  7. Anyone upgraded their front brake caliper and want to sell the original pls PM me. Thanks!
  8. WTB stock brake caliper. Those who has upgraded and have the stock caliper lying around pls PM me to deal
  9. WTB the newer TA200 handlebar(the wider type). Please PM if selling
  10. Can anybody share how to do the battery less configuration for RXK? Mine is 6V
  11. Thanks bro, was about to ask if it's possible. How do i do it? Run a capasitor across? Hope you don't mind sharing
  12. Anyone selling GSX400 Impluse? Please PM me
  13. Ok found it, it's under the batt tray. Managed to start after tapping the 2 terminals together. So that means it's the starter solenoid that is damaged? If yes, how much is the replacement and are there any OEM parts avail? Thanks
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