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  1. Price: $7000 COE Expiry Date: January 2023 Mileage: 34482 Road Tax till 01 Jan 2018 Serviced every 2K Only for sale. No trades. Selling this bike because it is under utilized. Bike is fully stock except for K&N Air Filter. Bike is always parked in multi storey carpark. I'm the first owner and bike have not been in any accident or dropped before. Just changed engine oil, battery, spark plug and oil filter on 01/03/2017. Slight tear on the seat, easy fix at Auntie Shop. Interested please whatsapp/msg/call me at 96537289. Thanks!
  2. bike still available? pm me the details and conditions pls...

  3. hey bro. nice bike. what is ur selling price? maybe we can negotiate...

  4. hey. nice bike. can the price be revised? can the bike be reserved?

  5. thanks for the tip. partly because i needed loan/finance...
  6. i saw that one already. but do bike shops still have them?
  7. hey everyone. i'm hunting for a ducati monster. does anyone know where i can find one?
  8. its an old rd eyy. 3.8k still quite steep for that bike is it? then how much does that bike cost roughly? and the parts easy to find locally?
  9. i'm not sure what bike. a few shops away from soonhin. the bike got a few rxk,rxs...
  10. and also. i've found this bike at yishun industrial bike. a plater. i think it shud be for sale too. the shop selling for 3.4k if i'm not mistaken and its a 2A bike...
  11. anyone know whoever selling a vintage 2B bike? the guy who wanna let go the rxk MIA. haiz...
  12. can anyone list me down the classic/vintage bikes they have for class 2A?
  13. this bike has potential. if only... too bad i already have a rxk on the way...
  14. whats the cafe website? nor handle bar? which one is it? i'm new to this. so maybe can tell me in detail.
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