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  1. Keep seeing purice, badeggman and few others and hearing their voices almost every otherday. Huat ah!
  2. long time no see anyone OTR liao!!
  3. Hi Safsikal! join up in our fb page, there is alot more response there, as nowadays everyone has got a fb, anyway moot your idea there, im sure the response would be better! Cheers!!!
  4. If I'm interested in the oil filter, pls call me at 83994567

  5. Z8 goooooood shiok...anyway the tyre warms up darn fast even if I pump 290kpa front and back If I'm not wrong it's 23bucks per pcs excluding gst...seriously don't understand why would ppl put a Honda filter instead of a original kawa filter...might as well use Sakura lol...anyway got 2pcs of oil filter lying ard
  6. Singapore confirm got fog.... Thermal fogging loh
  7. 2b don't get first hand bike best advice all of us will agree on. Cuz u will lose out a lot in the long run, get a 2nd hand TA from the fellow pks who are reputable and are upgrading to bigger bikes, trust me u won't regret and ur wallet will be a lot happy also hahahaha
  8. Trying my luck with organising a Kopi session for all.. Present, past, future n friends of Kawa 14 riders are welcomed. Date: 29 July 2012, Sun Time: 7.30 pm onwards Location: Kallang KFC Hope to see all.. As long as there is 2 bikes, the Kopi session will proceed. 1. Kumar ZZR 1400 2. Minor VFR 1200 3. Hamburgler ZG1400 (to sappork the batu)
  9. Lah kopi leh There is still brand new ta200 in Thailand if u really want the bikeshops in sgp can still bring in, but take note that they left the factory in year 2008max cuz that's when I heard it stopped producing
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