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  1. Keep seeing purice, badeggman and few others and hearing their voices almost every otherday. Huat ah!
  2. Ya still rmb u anything I can help u?

  3. http://chain-guide.com/basics/2-2-4-wear-of-working-parts.html
  4. why are u quoting a 2005 webpage?that is no longer relevant? technology do not stagnant, and moreover the statement is not made by a manufacturer, its made by a webstore...in short i doubt the statement and it does not hold truth there is a simple reason why a O ring is definitely better than a non sealed chain...its not about the lubing or wat, most impt is the particles of dust itself that'll enter and slowly degrade the link itself period...that is the one that is causing the wear n tear, not the lubing process that'll determine a lifespan of a chain, unless ur talking about same type of
  5. all gone...gone...gone....gone............ and the things is who bring wife or wat i also dunno, until the very day the make payment then i know hmmm can foresee abit troublesome, but nvm once namelist compiled and money collected, i'll go for a horiday....woohooo!!!
  6. lets see, BBF, SBBF, NBW need to say more?always more than 30+bikes + handling of logistic + liaison....dont make me dig all the thread up ah....lol
  7. wah kaoz now i need to compile all the confirmed attending personnel into the main thread....nbz double job... lol
  8. i wonder what makes u think u do not need a o-ring chain, a bushless chain is almost throwing money into drain for no result, the reason a o-ring is there is to store the oil n grease, and to prevent dust particles from entering the linkage of the chain plates. lemme give u quote u a scenerio, if u juz happen to finish lubing ur chain, u ride out and u get caught in the rain, what do u think will happen to your oil that u juz lubed in the chain, this is the only 1 i'll quote, cuz there is tons of scenerios that'll happen... yes its cheap, but then again this is not 'a penny saved is a pe
  9. Confirmed List of ppl eating : 1) Madman + Babycakes + 2 little kuehs on the spot collect 2) Ham + ah Ger paid 3) nivlek on the spot collect 4) KmaX + Mdm KmaX + Junior KmaX on the spot collect 5) VidaK + 1 paid 6) Bikee paid 7) Viciouskitty +1?? paid 8) Fusionzone paid 9) Chinu paid
  10. what happened is the relay contact point over time has oxidise or lay term rust, all u need is some sandpaper and also derusting agent WD40 give it a squirt and it'll gain back its former glory, then if u wanna prevent oxidisation from building up, slap some grease over the contact points and all is well
  11. Kev's pls help me unlock the chalet thread and rename the title to PK 2011 Annual Chalet Sat 27th August 2011 (Main Thread) gum sia gum sia
  12. will be opening asking mod to open up the thread with some minor modification to the thread title itself...convoy route is roughly plotted out HUAT AH!!
  13. CBR1100X1 has got 150WHP ai mai? looking at ST13 or ST11 or even FJR13 for trade muaaahahhahahaha
  14. unless u break down if not we wont clear that part of the highway...
  15. Hello guys, Ok, so summarizing my grandmother story, my main 3 questions are these: 1. Apart from engine oil, brake pad, brake fluid, spark plug and air filter, are there other things to take note of during servicing? basically this is it, nothing much to take care of, phantom is a very reliable bike... 2. what detergents can be used to wash phantom? my fren told me jus use those household soap can liao, e.g. mama ling mong, cif etc. is it true? and any recommended brands for bike polish? try not to use household detergent, as they are harmful to certain parts of bikes, and also they
  16. lol jln besar phantom kia and sbf phantom knights is poles apart...most impt is we dont have membership fees....hahahahaha ok lemme up the template then we are set for this fri.... its good to have this kind of friendly debate going on, cuz at least we have feedback on how to improve phantom knights itself... anyway long story short, anyone can organise a meetup, juz so that if the event involves riding, jus make sure that the safety of the participants are looked after, that is a cardinal rule which i feel is a must... other than that im pretty happy to see that f
  17. FINALLY!!!! someone has been able to relate the whole feeling out....lol muz be kena makan alot of money by GH...hahahaha anyway yes at times i feel really like a fool answering ppl ques and such, but for me at the end of the day, i go by this adage that i keep telling ppl "what goes around comes around" that is why till this day i've nv lose faith in PK growing stronger than wat it used to be, hopefully someone can pay it forward by stepping up, although at times i die die gotta arrow ppl to help me lah hahahahaha..... anyway uncle will (if i may call u this) all newcomers who join
  18. lol Will lemme walk u thru abit, i used to do up templates every fno that i can make it, come come go go still the same old ppl, no new guys wanna join us, so do it for 3yrs n u'll see wat ur getting...so that is why i rather i sms n meetup, templates i let others do, unless im confident i can get a huge turnout then i organise...anyway that is why i say add us on fb...its the most powerful tool available to mankind to communicate, this sbf kinda sucks i say...so i rather do things on fb also....meet up with us, and u'll hear all of us ranting liiao....hahahaha
  19. Sorry I'm not able to go in msia so tonight instead meetup will b at simpang bedok hongkong cafe
  20. ahhh i realised u were referring to the jln kayu meetup last night eh? anyway tonight im at hongkong st getting drink drank drunk....so im going in tmr night instead.... ok lagi wtf!
  21. the delinking is easy and straightforward, its the unknown that keep popping out that i nearly wanna kick myself for embarking, anyway now everything is up and running so juz need to improve the overall braking performance only... anyway tonight not able to meet u guys as im going for a drink drank drunk session, maybe i see u at dam if u see me hahahaha
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