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  1. Hi how do i contact you. Ilyas here..

  2. Hi all. I am now somehow in a situation where I want to expedite my motorbike license. Ive recently completed all 8 pracs at CDC. And now waiting to book my tp test. Unfortunately i will have to wait for my rtt which is on 2nd June 18 THEN I would be able to book my tp test. My aim is to get my bike license before i ORD. Any kind soul willing to sell me any slots in May. Or trade ( we both cancel and book the other date) eg mine 2nd June and yours 15 may. I cancel and book 15 May, you cancel and book 2nd june. Im willing to pay $20 or any amount for this. Really desperate hahah
  3. Hi anybody willing to sell me their RTT slot at CDC in may. My rtt slot is on 2 June 2018 which is soo long and ive completed my all pracs recently. Unable to book TP until ive attemp RTT. We can trade our slot. Ill pay $15-20 for this. Thanks.
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