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  1. Friend sent this picture while he went hunting for a new V2 NMax 155. Just sharing here in case anyone was looking for options. Seems agent brought in: 1) Matt Black with Gold Wheels 2) Matt Blue with Black Wheels 3) Glossy White with Black Wheels My pick would be #3 but just worried look like LTA enforcement officer lol.
  2. @Yeoek Welcome! Have you decided what bike with sidecar to purchase? There's another Vespa lookalike in Singapore now, think they are called Royal Alloy or something, can check with them if they have the option to purchase with sidecar?
  3. Thanks for sharing you pictures, very inspirational to others to go touring too! Ride safe!
  4. Yup that's exactly correct. I'm taking Class 2 now at CDC and the low number of Class 2 bikes makes it very difficult to get slots for lessons. Does anyone know how many Class 2 bikes are available at SSDC and BBDC?
  5. My friend scrapped his bike straight from layup, didn't have to re-register the bike for road use. If you are going to scrap i don't think it matters to LTA whether you go for another inspection or not. If your bike is currently laid up maybe you can try to apply for scrap and see if it prompts any error?
  6. Registered in August 2018, first bike that i've ever owned. Bought it due to its good looks and relatively affordable price (at that time). Paid approx 13k when COE was 5k+. As the bike look relatively good from the factory, i didn't do much except for the following mods: Nardo Grey Wrap Grip Puppies DID X-Ring Chain (stock chain is a common fault on the CB150R, many owners complaining that it loosens very quickly and often) Adjustable/Bendable Brake and Clutch Levers Motovation Bar Ends Overall rather reliable bike, never cause me any issues in 2 yea
  7. So sick but at 70k SGD it's almost insane.. But then again, Ducati appeals to the heart not the brain.
  8. Looking forward to more content from you @Motorgrapher!
  9. Did the riding simulator recently for Class 2 license, was abit nauseating during first session but instructor gave some tips - plant both feet on the floor instead of on the foot-pegs. I think the riding/driving simulator is great for beginners (Class 2B) as it is about 50% similar to what you will experience on the roads and prepare you for it, but for the Class 2A and 2 learners.. We've already been on the road so it's more like a 'game'. I usually book the riding simulator before/after my lesson so i don't have to make an extra trip. I would love to do all 3 required session
  10. Congrats! 1 more year to signing up for Class 2A! Have you bought a bike or decided on what bike to buy?
  11. Another superb video. Love this behind the scenes kinda shoot. A+++! Well done! Please share more!
  12. Any reason why you shortlisted the Scomadi instead of a Vespa or Lambretta? They all look pretty similar to be honest.
  13. I think it's Temasek Holdings that has shares in Grab.. Not CDG.
  14. Do you guys re-lube your chain after every wash? Or once a week? Once a month?
  15. IMHO the 2020 V2 NMAX looks way better than the previous model. I'm waiting for the XMAX to be facelifted.. Think it might look awesome as well..
  16. Hi bros, Might consider upgrading from my current XMAX to the TMAX once i pass my Class 2. I think the bikes are pretty much identical maintenance wise except that the drivetrain for the TMAX is a belt-drive system rather than internal gearing like the XMAX. Can shifus here share what is required for maintenance and the costs involved? Once you experience the ease of not lubing and changing your chain and sprocket every 10k kms, it's hard to go back to a chain-drive system.
  17. Amazing video production quality! Might need to engage you for a shoot soon!
  18. @notoriousj Bro have you taken your X1R up north?
  19. @kennyzz It's my dream to take my XMAX to Phuket.. With the massive underseat storage + a top box on the back, should be more than sufficient space to bring all the barang barang along for a 1 week trip provided you pack light. I've seen other overlanders do the trip with much less space. Here's a good article from MCN on touring on an XMAX in France: MCN Fleet: Can you tour comfortably on the XMAX 400? | MCN (motorcyclenews.com)
  20. Friend from Malaysia sent over this picture, seems like the POLIS over in our neighbouring country has bought a fleet of Yamaha XMAX to be used as their police highway cruisers. Anyone has any news on this? If they're using the XMAX 250 available in Malaysia, i'm not so sure the power would be sufficient to chase down the baddies?
  21. Btw bro may i know why you want to 'upgrade' to the 2nd gen slim IU? There's no functional difference between the 2 right?
  22. Cost of the 2nd generation (slim IU) is S$155.80 (inclusive of GST). Warranty period is 5 years from install date. If you need the mounting bracket from Viacom, it's an additional S$15 but most bikers go to their bike shops to get one for much cheaper. All info can be found here: https://www.vicom.com.sg/Our-Services/iuservice I don't think there's any trade in for old IUs but you can try and ask them. Lastly don't forgot to update your season parking to the new IU number.
  23. @AJ79 If you have the budget go for it over the Sniper or other cubs. The Winner X has a larger fuel tank, slightly more power, and creature comforts (digital dash). Depends on what you are using it for the you won't go wrong with either the Winner X, Sniper, Jupiter, or similar.
  24. Woah, all so tall. I'm 178cm and usually am able to flat-foot most bikes but this XMAX's geometry is really quite funny (i think it's the wider seat)? I heard good things about the Yamaha Comfort Seat which is narrower and supposedly will allow you to flat foot, have anyone tried? It's quite pricey i think $300+?
  25. So far have only been back to Hong Long for the 1st service. Labour is free (still need to pay for engine oil) so i'm looking for workshops to go to when servicing is due. Have considered going back to HL but they need appointment and the waiting time is rather long unlike other bike shops where you can just walk in and get your servicing done in half hour. Some friends have recommended Scooter Narcotics, do you have any experience with them?
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