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  1. Good Morning Gixxers, Monday Blues eh? haha. Erm anyone know where can do valve clearance can recommend? I don't want those do a "half past six" job and screw up the engine later. Team HKL? Bikeworkz? Autobay there?? Any recommendations?
  2. Guys, update. 1st Link Petrol Kiosk (speciafically ESSO) does sell Touch N Go cards. Bought mine just only.
  3. Guys, could someone help me buy a Touch N Go Card with minimum credit? I can pay you back in RM. 90061116 sms me before you buy can? Later come back i got 2 or 3 Touch N Go cards. Sorry trouble you all. Damn sad ar! recall is tonight. 7pm til late. and im the one taking attendence. :gun: those late-comers! Looking forward to this kulai trip for 2 weeks liao. since our dear kuwaiyert suggested it. :cry: ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! faster ORD! :box:
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