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  1. 3Wheeler

    Adiva ad3

    I cannot find reply to my enquiries as well. Looks like bean sprout prices have gone very high in Singapore .
  2. 3Wheeler

    Adiva ad3

    A postman told me it's Taiwan engine
  3. Hi forum I realise that PGO TR3 trike only has 6 litre petrol tank. Why is it so small? Even a YBR 125 has 12litre tank. Can the tank be increased? Costly?
  4. Hi Forummers Is it cheaper to get Cargo boxes from JB ? Can you recommend a shop in JB? A 250 Litre fibreglass box in singapore costs 6K. This is like daylight robbery! What about those TransNational Boxes? How much for a second hand one? Regards 3Wheeler
  5. Dear Bros I am P Plater class 2B looking for rental of bikes to familiarise the streets. I am an extremely safe rider. Please can you recommend any decent rental shops to me? Thanks. I have tried Stark , BHH to no avail. I want to rent for a few days only. I am sure you guys been through what I going through and know why I need a rental bike for now. Thanks bros. Regards 3wheeler
  6. 3Wheeler

    Adiva ad3

    Are three wheeler scooters fuel economy worse than two wheeler scooters?
  7. Hi Forummers I am new to this type of vehicles. I heard that Adiva AR3 three wheeler when come to a stop, the rider legs need to touch the ground whereas for PGO TR3, it does not require the rider to do so. The rider feet remains on the scooter foot platform. Does anyone know the difference between the 2 brand models? Thanks for reading. Regards 3Wheeler
  8. Hi Forummers I was told that due to emissions standards raised, PGO TR3 are no longer imported until a new batch that meets the new standards is available. For now, those already in the market in singapore are allowed to be used. My question is, if we buy these pre-new-emissions-standard PGO TR3, available in singapore, will we need to pay any penalty in future ? By the way, does anyone know is Adiva AR3 as used by Singpost do they meet the present emissions standards? regards 3Wheeler
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