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  1. I have never taken my X1R up north although it could be done. I just felt it was unsafe and uncomfortable for me in traveling long distances using a cub.
  2. Of course sotong tyres do exist on XMAXs... but it’s from a drag race competition in Thailand.
  3. I have seen multiple XMAX 300 travelling to penang and beyond. I'm sure it will be a smooth and comfortable ride!
  4. I did my 2A back last year at September-October. The conditions were horrendous, I gave feedback via the form and seemed like they did not rectify it yet. Most of the time, the bikes I chose were ineffective with their gearbox, even the one I took on my TP test! Fortunately, I overcame the probably by revving high and then kicking the gear up. As of signal lights, I have no idea but probably its wear and tear.
  5. Any active x1r riders? Are the any riding groups for cubs?
  6. I’ve been pondering about this issue for months now. I am thinking about whether to sell my bike now or wait till July which I would get my 2A. The problem I’m most worried about is that if I were to wait till July my bike value would’ve dropped no doubt. Or should I sell now and get a bike that has NEA rebate? So I can deregister when I wanna get a 2A bike Need some advice from fellow riders please
  7. Well, yesterday I stopped over the white line at a red light camera junction. I’m pretty sure my front tires were over the line but rear tires behind it. Can’t confirm if there was a flash or not but if I really kena, am I going to get 12 points for “beating red light?” The van beside me was over it too so I took reference to him but realized I was over the line :-(
  8. 4 points and $130 fine. If it’s your first offense they might give you chance. Kena once before and I learnt my lesson
  9. Seen many similar threads but still worried and regretted my actionsssssss. I was riding along marymount road and was about to make a right turn to AMK Ave 1. There were two lanes to turn but I was lane splitting on the left lane(very close to the going-straight lane) for turning right and perhaps I triggered the metal detectors when turning right. I saw the camera flashed but not sure it flashed twice. Will I get a tp letter for beating red light(12points) or failing to form up correctly when turning right(4points)? Anyone had similar encounters and appealed? If TP sent me a letter for
  10. Just passed my 2b and gotten a 2012 CBR150R recently. Anyone still alive in this thread and is there a telegram/WhatsApp group for cbr riders??
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