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  1. lol too committed to the bike trying to sell the bike now at a right price.
  2. $1200. One of the best upgrade you can do. Yes i did hotcams stage 2. Thats the first mod i do haha.
  3. Im also 169cm!. After lower i got more confident with the bike when i stop at traffic light. If i wear boots i can flat foot 1 side if i lean to the side. Im using kouba link that lower by 1.75". Raptor is selling the seatconcept seat but i just cant justify the amount for a seat lol. Im using 320mm NG disc. It comes as a set when i upgraded to brembo caliper. Not a fan of the wave design
  4. haha how tall are you? I bought lowering links from raptor when i first got the bike because it was too tall and im not used to the seat height. The accessory list is never ending man lol
  5. when i was learning in CDC, i rmb there is a specific day and time where they will refresh and open up new slots, maybe u can check with the instructor on this. But like @coldbrew mention, check whenever you are free. I tot ppl use bot to buy sneakers and concert ticket, first time hearing ppl use bot to book lessons
  6. Great info! Anyone went for dyno tune recently can share your experience? I have a slip on for my cbr not sure if its worth going for a tune or not.
  7. remus is indeed rare as i only seen it a few times. Yoshi is now very common on the road and also when u see used drz on carousell all comes with yoshi . Right now im contemplating to do top overhaul or not but i have this mindset if it aint broke dont fix it hahah. Rode slightly more than 10,000km since i bought it.
  8. hahah i did read it from page 1 when i first got my DRZ. Back then regretted not doing enough research to get a SK chassis so i can put yoshimura . Your exhaust is current stock?
  9. From what i know suzuki still makes new DRZ but it is the exactly the same bike since 2005 just different colour every year but no longer allow on SG road due to emission standard. Correct me if im wrong but that is why those JS chassis cant change to after market exhaust. but then again no idea why those SK chassis can still put yoshimura.
  10. @SBF Im not sure if it will work like some cars where you unplug the battery for the car to "re-learn" your driving but i will give it a try and update here! Got my workshop to check for leaks and clean the air filter so that part should be good. Only thing i cant check is fuel pump. Maybe will try changing spark plug during my next servicing.
  11. There are quite a number of shops that will take in ur bike. You can go Ubi or kaki bukit and ask around how much they want to offer you but be prepared to sell it at a lower price.
  12. @DRZ_b0i This thread is quite dead. I believe not much ppl use forum these days. I spend quite a lot of money on my drz . My maintain upgrades are Brembo Caliper, FCR39 and Hotcams Stage 2. What about yours? If only mine is SK chassis i would have change to yoshi pipe haha. using old LV x3 currently. Do you service at raptor?
  13. @DRZ_b0i yes 18L. usually when the fuel gauge starts to flash i top up around 14 to 15L. My best was 15.4km/l when i ride highway a lot, lowest 11.92km/l because i ride a lot of short distance. Maintenance wise, did injector and throttle body cleaning, my reusable filter also cleaned. Previous owner told me spark plug was changed at 5000km ago. I believe my bike was a track bike previously but i not sure where to go for ecu reset.
  14. Any CBR riders still active here? Bought a 13 model a few months ago. My low fuel starts to blink at 180km to 190km for normal riding in sg. Is that consider very low?
  15. Congrats! DRZ are getting lesser and lesser. I own mine for just over 2 years! Easy to maintain.
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