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  1. I still have not done yet. So far i have ridden about 10k km, and i also can see some metal shaving like yours. Are you using paper filter or stainless steel?
  2. From Esso website Supreme+ is 98 Ron. My 2013 CBR600RR manual calls for premium but have 95 in the logo. 95 should work but to play safe best is go with the highest. I tried both 95 and 98, personally cant feel the differences
  3. Not sure about signal but im using DRC tail light which is LED and pass inspection. If you change LED you need a relay because if flashing too fast i think will fail inspection.
  4. Low mileage COE Dec 2023 Mileage 34XXX Km Inspection 08 Oct 2021 Road Tax 08 Oct 2021 Akrapovic Slip On with Cert Healtech Gear Indicator Koso Voltmeter Motovation -Bar End -Font and Rear Sliders Lightech -Levers -Tank Cap -Rearset R&G -Frame sliders -Engine cover -Frame plug -Kickstand Shoe Galfer Steel Braided Hose Zero Gravity Corsa windshield. Samco Coolant Hose. New IU with custom mount Jul2020 Single Seater(Have passenger seat) Headlight Protector R6 Throttle Lever Guard Flush Signal Service
  5. i called them they can only renew it for 1 full year. I explained my situation to them but they say they will only align to the next road tax. Guess im stuck with renewing my road tax every 6 month. Maybe i will try again when my inspection is due in Oct.
  6. I bought the bike in Apr 2020 so my insurance policy is due in Apr 2021. Did my inspection last year in oct so now my inspection is due in Oct 2021. So if i renew my insurance policy to Apr 2022, i can only renew my road tax for 6 months and income wont allow me to renew my policy for 6 months to match the inspection date. (I am trying to align to inspection date so i can renew road tax for 1 year.) Anyone face such issues?
  7. want to sell also troublesome, i did not take back my stock cams. Plus its not plug and play need take out valve cover. just buy new at raptor, valve clearance included in the price hahah
  8. Best is if you can see the product physically then decide if its worth buying, usually i will go for reputable brand with good reviews unless the price difference is a lot.
  9. Cause throw in a lot of money on it already haha.
  10. lol too committed to the bike trying to sell the bike now at a right price.
  11. $1200. One of the best upgrade you can do. Yes i did hotcams stage 2. Thats the first mod i do haha.
  12. Im also 169cm!. After lower i got more confident with the bike when i stop at traffic light. If i wear boots i can flat foot 1 side if i lean to the side. Im using kouba link that lower by 1.75". Raptor is selling the seatconcept seat but i just cant justify the amount for a seat lol. Im using 320mm NG disc. It comes as a set when i upgraded to brembo caliper. Not a fan of the wave design
  13. haha how tall are you? I bought lowering links from raptor when i first got the bike because it was too tall and im not used to the seat height. The accessory list is never ending man lol
  14. when i was learning in CDC, i rmb there is a specific day and time where they will refresh and open up new slots, maybe u can check with the instructor on this. But like @coldbrew mention, check whenever you are free. I tot ppl use bot to buy sneakers and concert ticket, first time hearing ppl use bot to book lessons
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