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  1. oh just realized nobody replied my post after months hehe
  2. Hi all, i have finally cleared my class 2B and have been riding for 1 year, but have now gotten several bad habits, The easy ones: 1. right leg on the floor when bike stop 2. putting neutral gear when stop 3. not looking back when move off The one im worried: 1. Im clutching in a lot, even at gear 2. Somehow clutching in makes my bike more smooth. I recall back in 2B we cannot clutch in during figure 8, crank course, pylon. Worried i will find it hard to overcome this. Anybody got this problem?
  3. i just came across to my own post and realize how slow this forum is hehe. Anyway. I already got my 2B on first time Thanks to many lessons i went for. Next month, going for 2A............oh and yes, i have been riding FZ16 for past 11 months, so far so good.
  4. Hi guys, I got my license 2B for almost a year now. Over time i realized i developed my own riding habits. One of which is heavy usage on clutch. I have to say that 80% of the time i have my hand standby on clutch. -I use it to slow the bike down -To prepare to stop -To let the bike run smoothly when i release throttle. -For slow speed control -Even for abrupt braking, i realized i clutch in before even pressing the brake For most of these cases, if i dont use the clutch, i realize that the bike get jerky. Is that okay? Do you guys have the same habit? I am worry now that i
  5. Why i dont see anyone recommending Honda ADV X 150,300, 750. They have it for all classes. I see the bike is like a sports version of a scooter. Any comments on this bike?
  6. Hi fellow riders, New rider for 6 months on FZ16, have a few queries 1. Is there any whatsapp chat group for FZ16 or telegram chat group? 2. Have anyone heard of LianHupSeng workshop? If so any comments on them? 3. What engine oil you guys use for FZ16? is there a specific one that is good for this bike? 4. How often do you change your front and back sprocket? Thanks
  7. My TP Is on Dec 19th. finally. 5 times for practical 7 to clear. It was a nightmare.........37 lessons in total. a few more revision to come before my TP. Sorry to scare you if you plan to take...but well i think there are students better than me...im probably above average on number of lessons. But dont worry....every lesson is also for your own good, in a way. Now im quite confident to clear TP 1 time .
  8. No worries, i seen many short ppl take, even 2A and class 2. Are you a girl?
  9. Yep, at practical 6 now . what about u?
  10. Hi all, Class 2B is quite a long journey. I must say it is probably the hardest class to get among all. Ironically. At least for me, who is not a natural rider. Try not to think far first, else you will be in pain like me. Every practical i go, i initially expect to clear 1-2 times, and slowly realize, all my practicals took 3-5 times. If i knew from the start, i might not even have started this journey, but at least, im almost completing now. i believed some practicals are planned for you to fail from the start, and unless you perform really well. Otherwise the plan stays. And usually t
  11. Guys, is there any tips for Practical 4, i have took this practical 13 times, and still unable to pass, its very tiring for me, and im on the verge of giving up. It seems the instructors really aim me...i feel i did perfect already still fail...........its hard to accept.
  12. everyday where got so long lol............ can go everyday first or not...where got lesson for u to book everyday.
  13. Hi guys, I want to ask about SSDC. Does ppl sell slots often? I often park online and refresh several times a day, but i dont see anyone selling slots. Then again i cant wait too long otherwise i cant even book the earliest available date. Is there a tip for this? I am now getting my practicals once every 5 days..........(i can only take 8pm slot on weekday, and weekend full slots), and its kinda slow for me. Cheers
  14. Hi all, I am in process of taking my class 2B license. During the course, im finding the gears a cumbersome thing. Having thoughts to get an auto bike immediately once i pass. Is it advisable? considering the fact that i learn gear bike during my 2B. Would it be easy to adapt or are there things to look out? I am not too sure about bike, but when i took my class 3, and pass, i immediately drove auto car with no issue. I would also like to hear some comments about thoughts of auto bike versus normal bike. Cheers,
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