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  1. David, need your help to tune my SW's air intake, dun know what's that called. My pickup losing to other bikes sia.. and my FC remains the same..
  2. Thanks for the advance warning. Will definitely look into it.
  3. Ah Choong asked me to go to his side for inspection. hee. Nope, i did not get the YTZ14S. I bought the lousy one. Every 2 years will need to change one time. LOL !!!! Maybe i should fix a voltmeter.. U have one on your SW right? Cost? Brand? Design?
  4. Hi Chairman, Thanks for diagnosing my SW's problem correctly yesterday. Bought a new batt from Ah Choong and fix it on and is ready to go. The screws connecting to the batt are too small and can't be screwed on so my connections are tied using cable tie... Hope its not coil issue. Just change the coil about 2yrs back, also done by Ah Choong. EO also recommended by him. Pray hard...
  5. Saw this Japan model SW during my trip to Hong Kong recently. Saw this switch on the right hand side- "Grip Heater".. Seems like the rider can adjust the amount of heat to be emit on his handle? Hahhahaa.. http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb201/sensible_x8/wing.jpg http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb201/sensible_x8/270120102202.jpg
  6. Long weekend.. miss my Ramly Burgers again.. Any location in the north or east area? Merry X'mas & Happy New Year! :cheer:
  7. Wow. Bro, u seemed very well traveled around Singapore. Haha
  8. Went to the ones at Tampines Blk 201 and Bishan Central. Tampines one was quite small, did not sell much food stuff. Went to the Bishan Central one and saw 2 Ramly burger stalls and bought 2 burgers for dinner with gf. Yummy! Thanks to all who contribute the locations. Keep it coming!
  9. Thanks bros for these posts! I will visit at least two of these locations today. Hee... Gf also likes the Ramly burger la.. She doesn't seems to get tired of those burgers though.. Think she never tried the real Ramly before to really compare to the current ones in Singapore!!
  10. Hi guys! I love the Ramly burgers they made at Pasar Malams around Singapore. Don't know how to locate existing pasar malams in S'pore as they are always on the move. Would like to start a thread whereby brothers here can update the location of current Pasar Malams around your estate. Alright, may i know if there are any pasar malams around your estate as of today? Many thanks for your help.
  11. Wow! Rich man sia!!! I only bought a Garmin 1350 GPS at SITEC. .
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