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  1. Whoa, over react siboh... hee.... Then that will makes u a time bomb la?
  2. hee... Can u dun chase after me anot? I don't want to be broke-back !!! :lol:
  3. Hee.... For me, i'll pick up speed to 'scare' them off..
  4. Hee.. Where do you suggest then?
  5. Some ppl just have all the luck!
  6. No worries man, i also encounter this problem... 3 months old only.. Cannot be every Wing's transmission slip right? Or is it a manufactural's fault?
  7. U mean they should play thier second choice instead of theri first choice?
  8. Think Yishun Dam would be great! hahah.. Got ice-cream bike moving around.. Jalan kayu food is just nearby... Good atmosphere, can show off somemore.. Yeah, heard that he's back. He sms me. but have not meet him yet..
  9. That's what u do when u have too much time on your hand.... :angel:
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