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  1. wow! thats incredible! i only managed to pass prac 7 only after 4th try. but i didnt regret that. at least i passed my tp on 1st try. good luck and all the best!
  2. Wow. I was looking at those u rode before. Harley davidson bikes r the beasts on the road. Very eye catching and also loud. Damn cool. That aside, im now riding 2011 modern vespa lx150. I must say its perfect for normal cruising. Easy handling and maintenance.
  3. Frankly speaking different instructors have different teaching method and leniency. But u have to learn to digest their advice slowly. Best is to go for CR and RR a few rounds to brush up riding skills and safety checks. I have never heard of points magically disappear or what. I only believe in hard work which is keep practising until u r confident to clear the hurdle. And there r so many students - dont think instructors got the time to check through booklets. Unless u look unfamiliar to them. Its good to chat with instructors and ask for tips. Theres a time whereby I went for pract 7 and se
  4. Ya very happy and still happy hahaha. Really appreciate the encouragement fr forum, my friends and ssdc instructors. Now kind of abit regret buying vespa lx150 (lucky its 2nd hand) cuz it kind of wobbly when i go at high speed above 90plus. But actually overall riding experience is generally good for cruising at 70 to 80 only. Maybe one day should rent ktm to try out. Also i have been seeing alot of guys riding CB400X. Is the handling good?
  5. Thanks! I have aldy started riding on road with Vespa! Might consider KTM duke soon though hahaha
  6. Thanks! I took an average 3 times to clear each lesson. Haha well...it takes determination and perseverance! Just got to be focussed on each course. And keep urself relaxed and dont rush. Check back and do bs checks correctly. Cuz once kanjiong, u tend to forget the fundamentals. The technique wise for circuit part can be brushed up with circuit revisions. Just keep going for practice and if unsure, always ask. For me, i realise i always fall back to bad habit of relying on my rear brakes too much in fig 8 (this bad habit came in when i did pract 7) and was not caught until my 3rd time at p
  7. I got my license yesterday woohoo! Like a dream as it is my 1st time TP. Thinking back i took exactly 6 months to clear with sweat tears and blood. And i came everyday for practice for a week before my TP. Good luck to all learners. Just got to listen to instructors and keep practicising. Hard work will surely pay off!
  8. Hi!!!!!


    Didnt see your message earlier. How's it going??


    Have u got your TP date?

  9. Spyder 69, if im not wrong u should be able to continue from where you stopped. I dont think they allow you to repeat the lesson after clearing that particular lesson. For example if you have cleared Lesson 4 the last round, just go to lesson 5. If you have not cleared lesson 4, then you must go back to lesson 4. Think its normal for ppl to span over a year plus or 2 yrs to learn bike. Sometimes we have other commitments. Or difficult to get the slots you want. And tips if you have gone to the stage of clearing Lesson 3b onwards, go and practise circuit revision and u can in fact book as m
  10. Congrats for passing! So hv u signed on for ur tp?
  11. Ure progressing well! I dont think im taking TP this month most prob next month cuz i havent even taken rtt yet. And booked my first L6 next monday. Lets see how it goes.
  12. L1x5 L2x3 L3.1x4 L3.2x2 L4x2 L5x2 coming for L6 soon!
  13. yah 1st time commented u turn too wide. 2nd time commented u turn abit of wobbling
  14. Whoa. Seems like u r moving forward quite fast. Congrats on ur progress! Think for me cuz i am working and even on Saturdays it is rather hard for me to find slots to book. Just took my 1st lesson 5 today and i failed at safety checks. Need to come back again. Haiz.
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