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  1. Yes i probably will, on drier days, going to quite shag to drag the bike out of the mud alone if it gets stuck haha
  2. Do you mean TQ? there are easy routes there as well if you are familiar enough, but recently too many big adv bikes riding there, the trail koyak already, try going on drier days, easier without the mud
  3. This trail has since been closed by the authorities few months back sadly, I will update again if I am find another spot to explore
  4. street bike will be quite shag bro hahaha, street tyre no traction in the mud. i'll share more pictures after the ride for sure!
  5. Hi all, Not sure how many active riders here still ride dirt. But recently through a friend of mine, I have discovered a new off-road trail in SG (nope not the usual one at TQ), would anyone be keen to head in with me? So far I have explored about 400m of the track but hearsay it might be about 5-6km long for the full loop and its pretty flat so not very difficult. Location is somewhere in the East and will be known on actual day when we head in. Guaranteed plenty of fun and nature. If keen please add your name & bike below: Date & Time: 30/1/2021 - 0700hrs
  6. No worries bro, glad my information was useful. Yes and I regret not shooting enough videos haha. I bring a set of tyre levers, spare tube and bicycle hand pump in case of puncture. So far my worst encounter was a puncture inside Endau Rompin, in the middle of the Jungle (40km from nearest town). Luckily an Orang Asli nearby came to help me to change the tyre. Definitely ensure your bike is in good condition before you explore and learn basic skills like changing tyre on your own as well, or ride with a few friends so you all can help each other. For me I normally go solo often, so really
  7. Thanks for enjoying these photos and small adventures of mine. A street bike like the CB150R or scooter could make it through the main logging trail of Endau Rompin (in dry season) but at a slow pace. However if for instance you would like to veer off the main trail and head to Lemarko then you would definitely need at least a small dirt bike with a more generous amount of suspension travel and ground clearance, due to the multiple deep holes and ruts/muddy slopes. But even just riding on the main logging trail could be alot of fun for someone who has never been in the national par
  8. Here is another solo trip where I explored Endau Rompin National Johor Park, this time to Lemarko Falls. Highly recommended to use a lightweight motorcycle if you intend to do it alone, the last few kms to Lemarko falls was steep with moderately deep trenches. The ride alone is about 55km(s) one way after you veer off the main-road and hit the logging trail. Prepare for lots of mud if you intend to ride during the monsoon season. This would make for a great place for overnight camping and also lots of fun chilling in the waterfall/river area. I had the entire place for myself when I was t
  9. Hi bro, it's confirmed. Ulu choh dirt park is closed permanently since early this year sadly. I don't think Southern Enduro park has dirt bike for rent. Maybe you can check out wheel riders in Johor, they are the dealers for KTM and Husqvarna. I rode with them once, very friendly bunch of people.
  10. My average rolling speed on highway was about 80 to 85km/hr only, this bike is quite slow haha. I think 1000km will need to ride from day to night already hahaha. Yeah Melaka is definitely great for a day trip!
  11. Just chiming in on this thread. Ever since Ulu Choh dirt park closed down, there is now a new and upcoming dirt park @ Gelang Patah. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/southernenduropark Perhaps after the border re-opens, it will be a nice place to do some dirt biking
  12. Sharing some pictures from my past travels to Penang, based on memory, I rode approximately 700kms in a single day, leaving home at about 4.30am before arriving in Georgetown, because the fuel tank on my bike is just 6.9L, I recalled having to re-fuel about 9 times during the entire journey. Finally when I saw the Penang bridge, it was about 5.30pm in the evening! Totally missing Malaysia, the NSHW and all the nature it has to offer now.
  13. Hi bro, i never own a DRZ before, so far i only own a KLX150 and XR400... but i think parts wise you will be able to find DRZ parts more easily in SG, for the KLX you gotta order online. But then again, the KLX150 is really super low maintenance. It has been 30000km so far and the engine is trouble free, just change engine oil, oil filter every 3000km. Spark plug every 10000km and air filter if you offroad often... :)
  14. Thanks bro. I know 1 or 2 others riding drz but i don't ride so often with them. Also really looking forward to riding in JB/Kota Tinggi/Kuantan soon. I might organize an off road ride to Endau Rompin National Park also if there is enough interest (many nice camping spots with beautiful flowing waterfalls) For now i'am using shinko 244, its a 50/50 tyre, works well for easy to moderate off road, but wet mud its really sucks lol. Definitely no issue for road use as well. Best part is that this tyres are about $125 for a pair at Chong Aik.
  15. Thank you. Yes everything in my 2 bags, including motorcycle tools for minor repairs and spare engine oil! 11L of storage space for each side. Actually there is an AD for kawasaki in SG already, it is called Evershine, they are located at Sin Ming Dr, but not the best dealer in my opinion for after sales support. They do offer competitive prices if you are planning to get a new bike however.
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