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  1. It really depends. I took the mini-circuit for like 4 lessons... My Prac 2 - 9 lessons...
  2. Wow... I got stuck at Practical 2 for 9 times... Tiring. At least now at Practical 3.2... Hope to clear it within 2 to 3 times...
  3. What time is your session tomorrow? I am having my Lesson 3.1 tomorrow also I think for the Crank course and S Course, the key is to accelerate and change to 2nd gear at a comfortable timing and keep the eye points of the cones and not the kerbs... For E-brake, try to drag your 1st and 2nd gear initially then change to 3rd gear and maintain at 30km/h - 35km/h, this is the tricky part because we must still maintain the eye point looking up.
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