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  1. true but my top speed and power slacken too....standard factory spec size the best
  2. hi anyone know what sprocket size should i buy for better long distance top speed? my current size is 42T and 15T
  3. some pte instructor teach systematically too.But before that they will ask you about knowledge of driving then they wil plan what to teach you..every student got different level.So if you are totally new to driving and road and also never had any licence before then you should tell them.And they will teach you from scratch.Some pte instructors are consider very experience due to their age compare to bbdc instructors.
  4. when i first take my license in 1998 for class 3,i enrol at bbdc...and spend around 2k plus to get my licence within 8 months only with 2 tries.....then my class 2b 2a 2 and 3 revoke in 2001...i retake my class 3 in 2003 taking pte instructor near bukit gombak and spend around $500 to get my license at one try only..even the bbdc instructor told me that it all depends on individual skill during the test regardless of who your instructor is.....my license revoked in 2001 and in 2003 i retake my class 2b also at one try only.And subsequently i retake my class 2a and 2 at one try only even i have
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