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  1. Hi Silvermoon1407,


    i came across your post few years back in 2016, and understand that u owned CB190R before and your requirement is exactly as what i have now :


    In general, I want to look for a bike that (in order of decreasing priority)

    Has good fuel economy as well as capacity (so not really that keen on cubs)

    decent enough cruising speed and stability (80-100) without pushing the engine too much

    Comfortable for long rides (and maybe with pillion) and suits my large frame.

    As cheap as possible, both upfront costs and maintenance (although I know, cheap and good don't come together)

    Doesn't look too ugly (it's subjective) with rear box.


    So would like to know is the bike really fit all your needs above? Is it recommended to own it? i specially concern about the pillion as i am riding Honda Wave now and my wife is questioning about pillion on this type of street bike, any advice?


    Thanks in advance bro.



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