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  1. Sister my license got revoked because failed to attend court. The day I wanted to attend the court I open my bail slip then I realized my court date was yesterday. It was a very silly of me for not checking the date properly.
  2. Thanks bro. Finally passed my prac 7. But can't book tp yet cos going oversea.
  3. Yes you can bro. In practical 5 6 and 7 one of this practical must book night lesson. Good luck on Tuesday bro. Now I'm going for practical 7 2nd attempt. But it look like going to rain. If it rain figure 8 test route will have a bit of puddle of water can't lean more scared skidded.
  4. Don't give up girl. Take me as an example has been riding for 21 yrs and got my 2b and 2a license revoked. And now here I am taking all over again class 2b. The key is patient you will get the license if you don't give up. It matter of time and you will be there. For figure 8 you really have to lean down the bike slightly. Don't be afraid cos the the crash bar is there to protect you.
  5. OK booked rr and cr before my lesson 7. Hope can pass In first attempt.. Up to now has spent 700 altogether including the boring lessons. To all taking 2b .good luck to you guys too.
  6. Thanks bikeninja. I'm at prac 7 now. Is it true that we must take cr and rr? If not they will fail you. Or what your advise should I go for cr and rr or just book prac 7?
  7. Good now you are at prac 6. I'm at prac 5 bro, which i Failed at my 1st attempt. Good luck bro. Now busy can't take my lesson maybe early November then I start taking it again.
  8. How are you progressing bro? Hope you have cleared your prac 4. The instructors never aim at you LA bro. It just that we made mistakes. Cheer up. And jia yo
  9. Hi guys old man here taking up class 2b. License revoked and gone class 2a n 2b. I have read a lot in here and quite unsure on theory lesson 5-7. Passed class 2b in year 1994 or 1995 can't really remember and it's not complicated like now. Currently going for practical 3 and btt on October 2nd. My question is can I go for theory lesson 5 6 and 7 now? Already paid but I thought I can only attend the said lesson when I passed my btt or rtt? Pls advise. Also a student told me theory lesson 7 must book manually. Is this true ? cos above I read was manually book theory lesson 5-7. Pls help
  10. I just passed both practical 1and 2 from trysell slot. What I discovered was that trysell slot appeared from using phone but not from the kiosk. So do take note. I discovered after my 0 orientation ended and me n other students went down to the kiosk to book practical 1. And I was lazy to use the kiosk n log in thru phone. So many said the latest practical is on Wednesday but I said no!!! the latest is on Monday. Only then we realized the kiosk didn't display the trysell slot. Correct me if I'm wrong but this was what I experienced. Also, as you are using phone too I think for trysell slo
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