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  1. Suggest u get the iron 883 & throw away yr gf
  2. Hi unique So busy no time to reply enquires..? Okay then.. Thanks..
  3. hi possible to fix Givi 450 on a harley 883? what are the racks available for it
  4. is it okay to install Givi Top box behind sportster?
  5. Hi guys recently bought a sportster and wondering if it is okay to put Givi box for storing raincoats, helmets and other stuff. Please advise if anyone ever do that before? tks
  6. does this shoes got any safety features like toe/ankle protection in case of accident (touchwood) and may i know still got size 9.5US / 10US? PM me plse.
  7. hi can pm me the cost of repairing my visor. got sound when closing and opening.
  8. Hi kelvin, happy Chinese New Year to you! May yr business prosper! Just want to check with you if u are able to help me instal "Acumen" Gear indicator + Voltmeter? Im also gg to yr shop soon to change my sprocket + Chain (DID X-Ring). Can i ask if the sprocket u change for me is it the 15Front + 44Teeth Sprocket + Additional chain? Thanks a million...
  9. Hi Ah bee, im interested in yr acumen gear indicator as advertised. Im staying in aljunied and i dun mind travelling to yr shop to install. Frankly speaking ive never stepped in yr shop and i do not know that Bukit Merah got 3 of yr branches (correct me if im wrong). However, after reading thru this forum i do feel skeptical about gg to yr shop. In yr forum, u mentioned that to look for you AH Bee 9--blah-blah... being a newbie here to go to yr shop, do i have to look for you to instal a new gadget? Where exactly is yr shop located where i can find u? Hope u will quote me yr best price fo
  10. oh ok thanks guy. I shall go over to MW to ask for it. Anyway im gg there to instal the scott oil lubricant too as well.. I shall post a pic of my voltmeter which was done by the bike shop.. rusty liao..
  11. u mean the revo out already ar in market liao ar? Selling in Sg mototiams?
  12. yeah.. but wat about the metal brackets? Did u guys customise somewhere else? I can find the holder but not the metal brackets holder...
  13. Hi to all s4 riders, can i just check with you, where do u all customise yr s4 voltmeter bracket holder to fit in the middle, on top of the headlight? Currently my voltmeter is DIY by the bike shop and its on the side of my handle bar. Shall posta pic soon. The voltmeter is on top of my brake fluid container (dunno wats that called) and the screws arnd the area has gone rusty. Pls share yr ideas and yr suggestions. its be best if u can posta pic as well
  14. For which bike? Haya? Seems like yr siggy is haya bike..
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