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  1. Thanks for your reply! Hahaha, I guess there's hope then. Would you say that the bike is good for riding on the highway? Cos for my travelling I'd probably be going on the highway quite often. At which point does the bike start to shake?
  2. hi all, i'm a lady currently embarking on my 2b license, and recently i've been quite interested in the honda cb150r exmotion due to the overall aesthetics of the bike. however after trying it out at one of the motordiam i realised that it's really quite high up for me. sigh. i'm about 159cm and my toes can't really touch the ground as the seat width is quite wide as well. would it be a good idea to lower the suspension of the bike, or are there any suggestions for a similar looking street bike? also, would like to ask if the practicals are tough to master since i alr have some trouble
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