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  1. There's no "mileage" for any clutch. It goes from 5,000 KM to 100,000 + KMs depending of your ridding habits and if you drive mostly downtown or countryside. Example : I live in Bangkok, i do like TONS of stop and start and starting in 2nd gear everyday because of the horrible, HORRIBLE traffics conditions, my clutch is pretty ****ed up after 40,000 Kms.
  2. Up guys, That could be the carbs needing to be syncrhonised (is your IDLE rev stable or not) ? Anyway anyone has some updates about the ECU ?I got some weird issues with my bikes, the dashboard turn on / off everytime i start the bike now, so it turns on when i switch the bike ON, then it resets ON/OFF when i start the engine, any ideas ? Tx
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