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  1. They got student promo i believe, can get gloves, pads and helmet for around 50-60 dollars , quite good deal, last time i went down to chong aik to buy was 80+ dollars for everything
  2. yes hard lesson learned for me...will be more wise in the future when i get a 2A bike, partly got myself to blame because i was in a rush to get a bike(my first bike keeps breaking down and i dont want to keep spending money to repair it so i sold it off) and rushed the shop to settle all the paperwork on the same day i went down. I will just early settle the loan and forget about it, wont let 500 dollars taint my ride. Anyway people told me riding must have patience, now i know it also applies when you are buying a bike
  3. pass RTT first then can apply pdl, orientation dont have to go, buying gear depends on you, the helmets at ssdc not the best smelling helmets...
  4. i experienced this with comfort cycle pl at jurong...told me 5.8k for cb190r and for 2 years loan will be 224 dollars a month @ 6%, i calculate should be 204 dollars per month wonder where the 20 dollar come from, i ask the sales guy and he told me because every month the "finance" will charge them money for loaning...anyway i didnt think much about it since i am planning to do early settlement so maybe just pay a few months of this extra charge wont be a problem, then i paid deposit and all, next day come back i realised why got the extra 20 dollar per month charge is because they added 500 d
  5. yup, imagine how hard it is to book slots for cdc which is the only place to learn 2b for the entire of east and central people. my friend came from bedok to ssdc because he want to chiong. im just glad ssdc is in woodlands and just a 20 minute cycle from my house haha.Heard last time ssdc was at ang mo kio before they moved here, likely because they want to be further away from cdc at a location with no driving centers?
  6. yup quite rare, not worth to wait throughout the day to see if someone is try selling their slots on the same day, because if you fail to find try sell slots on same day and go to book for next available lesson date the slots will be gone liao from other people booking it first. so after practical just go down to counter and quickly book is the best choice. Also i feel that their "Convenience fee" from booking online is really scammy haha, book online should be cheaper than booking at the counter. but none the less i think i spent around 30+ dollars in convenience fees because everytime i w
  7. Yes circuit then road, after circuit when everyone come back to the room they will start calling out people who accumulated more than 18 points or have an IF. Then the rest go on the road, after everyone come back same process repeats. Pro tip: When they call out the people who failed already they go by group, so number 1-10, they will call out like 2,5,9, and if you are number 6 or number 10 you know you pass the section already because he is the one who tabulate the scores for group 1-10 and only 2,5 and 9 failed. Then group 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, and 41-50. i believe its go by groups of 1
  8. also remember to chiong for the counter when instructor tell you to line up to give your IC at level 5, if not you stuck behind the queue will take quite awhile(really take quite a long time because he has to check a few details for each person) and it will eat into your warm up session, not to mention if you are the first to get to the warm up session you can practice more since no need to wait behind other bikes.
  9. Can only take one session per booking, if you want to take 2 sessions in one day, can only hope after you finish the practical lesson someone is try selling their slot, throughout the course of my license i only managed to get one try sell slot on the same day after i finished my morning practical.
  10. mm i would go for a sports bike already if my riding skills arent so new, i think i would look really weird riding sports bike but ride so slow, alot of sports bikers i see ride very aggresive one haha. I think cb150r acceleration is higher than the 190r and the abs on 150r is very tempting, but price point is still the biggest factor for me, even though 190r and 150r got better FC than pulsar, i calculated every 1050km you save 10.50sgd, assuming you buy shell95, every month save about 15 dollars.
  11. nice, i pass my prac 7 in 3 trys, count myself unlucky... first time got road hazard then the instructor told me i too close when passing, 8 points, then when i stop i stop too near to another instructor who was at the side of the lane, another 8 points, my total points that day for circuit + road is 24, so yeah...second time i got 10 demerit points in total, but my bike stall in the beginning when i moving off, so immediate failure...hais
  12. good luck, my dream bike is cb190r or cb150r, but need earn money first haha, only got a humble ybr125 currently, reliable bike, but too little power. thinking of bajaj pulsar ns200 also as looking to buy second hand to save money, the 190r and 150r are too new already for the second hand market
  13. should be just a rumour about the circuit revisions thing, alot of people also say that about TP test having quota, but i think is just rumours started by people not happy with failing. I went for revision before my first prac4 assessment yet my points accumulate like siao also, dont think they have time to scan through every book and see which student should give more points.
  14. Hello today at T junction i turning right, got a long bus and one car pile up in the yellow box and i continue on to stop behind car, im not in the yellow box, but very close already, way past the indicator line and in the middle of pedestrian crossing, then for some reason bus delay in moving off. But by the time bus start moving the light turn red already and become green for both directions of traffic. I just proceeded on because i read in the book that if right turning vehicle stuck in yellow box, must proceed on so as to not block traffic, but im not in yellow box leh? will it be counted
  15. I think should be upcoming tp test date, but have to see if there are slots available, normally after 1 week or so before the tp test date, they will change. example 1st feb got tp test, so around 25th jan they will update next available test date to be on 15th feb, meaning the 1st feb is closed already. Not sure if they update is because got schedule one or because the date is fully booked.
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