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  1. My apologies if i sound defensive to you. Because i do believe that fuel injection is the way to go, cars have been doing that for donkey years. The bikes world are slightly slower but they are catching on now. Oh, i mentioned my old ride because you asked what i am riding and whether i am riding a S4. Look at my comments about GSR vs S4, those are things you don't need day to day riding to experience it. Just a quick ride on it and you can feel it. My friend who own the bike have chatted and shared with me on what he feel about it too. I am just sharing my hands-on experi
  2. so why bring up the point of fuel pump? i know what will happen. I drive daily. used to ride a '05 R6 for weekends, power/torque wasn't enough for me. now thinking of upgrading to a 1000cc. do i have to own a GSR to comment? the important thing is i tried it for quite awhile on a ride to KL. just sharing my views on the bike.
  3. all the lastest and new bikes are going the EFI direction. many superbikes/sportsbikes have been using EFI for the past 5 years or so. cars have been using EFI for even longer. the new CB400 is EFI too iirc.
  4. many carb models bikes uses fuel pump too.
  5. because GSR is too new? how many of you have actually rode both bikes before? then you can give a fair comment. i had, and the results was surprising to me. i always thought super4 was the better bike. The GSR looks big and abit "clumsy", especially the tank. after trying the GSR and a Spec3, i have these comments. 1) GSR feels much lighter than CB400. 2) It is simply much more agile than a CB400, you can flip left/right easily. 3) U-Turn is very easy and effortless. 4) Cornering is also very stable, i guess it's due to the monoshock. 5) EFI Engine is very very smooth
  6. that's because you do mainly highway riding. the bikes i mentioned, can hit easily 30-40km/hr even with some hard riding and urban traffic. once my neighbour riding african twin told me he can hit over 20km/l. when i ask his riding speed, it's 80km/hr max most of the time. he said it will be much worst if he go 100-120km/hr. (that is my usual speed in SG) sorry but i don't believe in not riding hard, a bike should be rode the way it should be. there are people who get a big bike, but ride like a p***y, because they are worried about fuel consumption. when i drive or ride, i
  7. with the 2 points above, i think you can forget about Class 2 bikes already. can consider CBR150, Phantom 200, Puslar if you want good FC and low maintenance. if class 2A, go for super4 lor.
  8. many people under-estimate 2-stroke bikes. they are really tough and powerful. 2-stroke bike must whack often, due to the carbon built-up in your powervalve, piston top, exhaust etc.
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