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  1. informative post, brings back lots of memories, however will not want to go back again. LOL... the wait for lesson booking, wait for lesson start, wait for lesson finish, wait for TP... i also no idea how i managed to scrap thru those times.
  2. actually there are a lot of solutions proposed previously on the high COE, individual bidder and not shop. Or COE must be cash outlay, cannot lump into Loan. That will stop some crazy bike shop or car dealer to put in ridiculous bid which burden down the buyer. Especially for the case of young bikers, many just want to push bike out and totally unaware of the high loan they are paying in coming months or years. That's why some look very sensational in their first 3 months of bike ownership, after which the fuel, the parking, summons, servicing, repair costs all come together, many will s
  3. Last time really economical to take Cl 2b, 2a and 2.. moreover COE is low as well... remember my first brand new bike had a $1 as coe.. now everything also expensive.
  4. congrats on your new quest.. this is going to be great experience, I can still remember my thrill when getting on the CB400 at SSDC more than 10 years ago... the 750cc didnt have the same kick as from 2B to 2A. I also on class 2A for the longest time before moving on the class 2.... but must say you are one hell of a disciplined guy.. I didn't last more than 13months to move on the 400cc.
  5. can post or send me a pciture of the bike? can whats app me +60193004304

  6. Congrat on your accomplishment in China. Such pity you didn't finish the last league on your duke...

  7. Demues


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