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  1. Yep that's right mine is the supermoto model I've owned mine for 3 years now at 28,000km mileage so far and still going strong. Honestly the most fun bike I ever owned. Had rxz and super 4 but honestly when I owned my lexmoto that's where I learnt basic bike maintenance and troubleshooting like engine oil + oil filter change, air filter, chain adjustment and chain cleaning, brake pad change, spark plug, starter motor, ignition coil, tps sensor, o2 sensor, fuel injector, Valve clearance, fuel pump, clutch plates and clutch spring change, throttle cable and clutch cable and the list goes on..
  2. Hello! Just wondering if there's still anyone that's riding lexmoto brand motorcycles? I still currently own one since 2018. So far I only saw like 5 others riding a lexmoto and that's also like once in a blue moon kind of frequency If there's still any please do chat!
  3. Maybe can check the throttle position sensor or EFI fuel pump relay?
  4. Kiu Kiu, your Lexmoto Milano still got problem? I have a lexmoto adrenaline for a quite a while now. Had a couple of issues but after some fixes, its pretty decent ride Not sure if this would help, but just to share: You can source for parts at AliExpress, Ebay or CMPO website(recommend CMPO as they’re the OEM parts supplier for Chinese made bikes). For cmpo more straight forward to navigate as it’s an English website(uk based) I believe. For sourcing on AliExpress you will need to search abit more thoroughly. The bike may be sold under diff brands depending on the country
  5. Anyone else bought a lexmoto? I bought a lexmoto adrenaline 125
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