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  1. Bought a CB125F from Boon Siew recently... Thought that going through an authorised retailer would mean the quality of the bike is more assured and that things would be done properly. However, my experience seems to suggest otherwise. Bought some accessories through Boon Siew since $200 of the cost is included in the package (it's not a free $200 voucher as I'm sure they already factored it in when pricing the motorbike). Was told they get the stock from Lim Ah Boy and Chong Aik. Went down to Chong Aik and chose my items, subsequently texted my sales rep about which items I wanted. Also ask
  2. Thank you for your input! Went to Chong Aik to take a look today. Riding jackets are going on 30% discount for some brands but i hesitated to buy as I wasn't sure whether I would end up using it much considering the weather here. Do you all use your riding jacket regularly? In the end I spent the voucher on a Vemar helmet and a top box. Topping up to get a raincoat and phone holder. The gloves and bike cover sounds like a good idea too, maybe i will go down again before the sale ends. Do you have any advice on how I should act on the roads while still familiarising with my motorbike? L
  3. Anyone able to give me some advice? Thanks Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  4. Hi, I'm Yucai a new member in this forum. I obtained my class 2b license around 1 1/2 years ago, and have not ridden since until now. I am currently planning to buy a Honda CB125F from Boon Siew. It is quite a big decision for me and I am slightly nervous, especially since I am unsure how much I have retained from riding school and how fast it would take to return to me. I would like to ask for advice regarding the following: 1. Do you have any riding advice for people like me, returning to ride after a long period since obtaining the class 2b license? 2. What kind of helmet should I cho
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