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  1. Rainy Day! My first post after so long!
  2. hi.. i just got one and would like to join you guys' gathering if its okay..

  3. Dun poison me!! Are u guys going for the shorty levers? Yup.... Pazzo are good.... But I need the clutch lever only....
  4. Sweet, can use for dyno? I am sending my bike for dyno tuning and pc5 installation. if can I want!!!
  5. Mahsze... Go get a FB account for the sake of ur CBR!!!! or else I gonna send catfish to ur house liao.. U dun wana know how fast he can reach ur doorstep with his riding style.
  6. The polo tee design is at the stage of finalising (unless someone can contribute more?) Thus, I would like to see how many ppl here are interested in our TEAM WOOPA polo tee. 1. Hideaway 2. 3. After which Catfish would be in charge of collecting the money. you aint wana have a SOLDIER storming down ur door don't you? Some more he's a C O M M A N D O!! WHUU HAA!!
  7. Yup, We change inside malaysia.
  8. Gosh, after all those work in the designs..... I really do hope that we can come out with our team polo tees. I saw the previous attempts by dean and the seniors.... end up as what Ghost mentioned: "I wait until I change bike still don't have." LMAO
  9. Mahzse .. join us in FB then... There's more updates and faster response over there.
  10. Dun remind that poor fellow.... It's the yen, it's the bloody damn yen.
  11. New tyres this time or still M5?
  12. How cheap? I just got mine for $300 first hand with shipping. Got a fellow CBR rider also interested.
  13. Whats ur FB email? I can invite u into it.
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