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  1. Hi, I have interested in motorcycle track riding, purely for fun and interests. Wanted to get certain descent training before accessing the track. Does anyone could recommend certain motorcycle riding academy for track training which is easy access from Singapore ? Thanks
  2. Class2A - KTM Duke 390 – 147kg Class2 - KTM Duke 690 – 160kg
  3. Bought 2 pairs with buddy price for S$199.00. Brand new, re-sell the spare one for S$99.00. Size : 41 EU Color : Black Cash only and self-collection. No negotiation for price. No return and refund. No try due to personal hygiene reason. ( Please go appropriate shop for a try ) More details : https://sg.carousell.com/p/brand-new-forma-viper-boots-black-41eu-7us-mens-286459574
  4. Hi, Got a SUZUKI GSXR1000 K6 with HM quickshifter, little experiences with it. After a few ridings, it's really hard to tell the feeling of changing gear with quickshifter. I'm afraid of using the quickshifter in a wrong way. Does anyone can give certain inputs for the proper way of using a QuickShifter ? Thanks for your time.
  5. I’m selling my 2014 Honda CBR400R for S$9,500. Price is slightly negotiable. Reason for selling : upgrading to class 2. Mileage. 50K+ Registered: March 2014 Coe: March 2024 Accessory : V-SYS C6 Motorcycle Camera 2CH (installed in Mar 2019) Termi carbon fibe slip-on exhaust. Legal exhaust bought from racewerks with receipt. (Original stock pipe will be given as well ) Petrol consumption is brilliant, 36km/L or 2.7L/100KM ( expressway riding @ 90KM ) Previous owners used this bike as a step before upgrading. I'm the 4th owner, using this bike as a transport
  6. My IU was spoilt, went to VCOM change IU, VCOM said the new IU could not be mounted on the old bracket and there was also no appropriate bracket for my model. Then I went to bike store, they reminded me that they could fit the new IU on bike for me, but it's not approved bracket, the warranty would be gone. Wondering where to get 'approved' IU bracket ?
  7. It may need to check these Is the ground in horizontal ? Does the centre stand keep bike body in horzontal ? Is the rack mounted in horzontal ?
  8. Hope you have fully recovered. Install a dash cam on your bike to protect yourself and let your insurance company help you work out the situation.
  9. to safeguard your license, wait 1 year before you ride again
  10. If you thought use clutch too often, Class 2A and Class 2 course could help you correct the 'bad' habit. Clutch in before even pressing the brake is quite dangerous, it's very easy to get fishtail or skid because the rear wheel lose power and in free wheel status.
  11. Check out the IU wiring, incorrect wiring will drain out battery fast. Install a voltage meter to morning the bettery, go for a riding on express way and keep the engine revolution speed above 4000 RPM/MIN at least 30min to get battery charged, park the bike for a while, then turn on the ignition switch, if the voltage still is low, then it's time to change the battery.
  12. The riding attitude and habit have more influence on safety than bike size.
  13. Take a Class 2A course to help you correct those bad habits.
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