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  1. Have fun guys. May be my hubby could join this. He is more interested in these.
  2. Thanks! That's useful!! Hope its affordable there..
  3. Wondering if you can go for real time commentary for bike race and championship. great stuff!!
  4. Not sure where to complain. Did you speak to anyone at Great world city?
  5. try sgbikemart website. My hubby always browse there.
  6. I don't see anyone here. Is this thread dead?
  7. Can anyone share details on Driving centres near Serangoon?
  8. I am looking for the second hand scooter in Singapore (with single owner and should be reasonably new) Folks, please share the info. if you guys have one.
  9. yup. LTA guys with camera exist. Yet too tricky to find them sometimes.
  10. Will happen good for sure this 2019 year. Keep trying. What job are you looking for?
  11. Black & Pink pairs of Birkentstocks - if it is for me
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