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  1. I agree with what u said... - Air cool might not work that well for a stop-start conjested singapore traffic... - 2 valve is a let down, the whole engine design is very yester-year... - i don't mind carburator, but bike FI development had gone quite some way in its reliability, and it would be a bit nicer to have it... - performance is very poor when compared to FZ150 or similar 150cc 4stroke japanese bikes - no big-bore kit available in singapore & india for this engine type currently, so performance still cant be further improved at all BUT... i must say, at 6.4k OTR for such a
  2. Wrong thread, I have a vara for sale

  3. hi there..saw ur post dated 13/02/09.. its abt e battery prob.

    im riding a vara125 too..same prob i had. if nvr ride for 2 days, bike cant start..

    anw im using a yuasa YTX5 batt from ah boy wich is not for vara. the oem is YTZ7 batt model.. so e batt that u bought at dunlop street at 40bux is YTZ7 model rite?

    what is the shop name? i nd to get e oem batt too..

    anw do u wire ur IU unit direct to batt or ignition?

    thanx bro..

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