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  1. Hello Mr Kevin, wanna check with you, how many inches is that rifle screen of yours? Able to change the tilt angle of the screen?

  2. Precisely! Haha thanks for consoling me, now i dont feel as shitty! hehe
  3. Woohoo renewed insurance $2472!!! Syiok! Anyone got ever pay much more after accident?
  4. I want one if the cost is as what you say..thanks..
  5. Yeah, he's the one. had a good chat with him about the panniers too..
  6. Woohoo the one wearing monster tee is me! http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n204/reptiletan/sbf%209th%20anniv/DSC03670.jpg
  7. Same I also got deducted $2 plus..haha..
  8. Same I also got deducted $2 plus..haha..
  9. Guys are we allowed to wear riding jacket tmr?
  10. Wahaha cant imagine the sound of all the Fazers with akra scorpion leo vince devil laser and what have you exhaust on Saturday! My bike noise will be drowned by all those exhaust noise!
  11. lol...later will have stage fright de..
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