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  1. Bros, i saw Cathay Cineleisure'a listed as parking across and beside. Is there any carpark beside/next to Cathay Cineleisure? The one across is always full and now they have some carnival.
  2. Came across here: Ok, so just turn off the bike.Then push the two buttons on the same time. do not release them, while you turn ON the power. Do not release until you see a number displayed. Then use one button to go on nb 70.Then release the button, then push ON THE SAME TIME the two buttons.While 20 sec. Then the engine led should light on, or flash. If you want the engine to be FULL powered, then let the light flash, else do not. I personally tried but failed.
  3. Bikes in France is restricted to 100-ish HP by French government authority. See how this guy un-restrict his FZ1. http://www.youtube.com/user/mclalala#p/u/2/yEjQESm07HE
  4. Plate for sale AU10Z at 5k if ur interested email me at [email protected]

  5. are you a traffic police officer?

  6. kelvin, do u have a package for chain + sprockets (rear and front) package for VTEC1? and do u have scottoiler? Pls bring in leh so can install tgt in ur shop
  7. i washed and tuned my carb at Combine. Damn! Ah Kiong's workmanship is top-notch. unbelievable! Bike very smooth now. Worth every penny. The problem is gone too. One good thing abt him, he is not like those typical motodiam mechs where he says "change this, change that". He said my spark plug still good. clutch plate dun have to worry, b4 go touring change tyre. the rest still good. Treated him kopi for the efforts.
  8. Kelvin, I wanna do valve clearance check and timing chain. How much and how long it takes to service these 2?
  9. I am having a problem of engine died off when come to a stop after some ride. It's random at times. Sometimes, the engine RPM seems to be flactuating and there was a sign of engine skipped a "heartbeat" but would still be firing after that. On some rare occasion when just stopped at traffic light, once bike stopped, the engine died off. Compared to other bike i rode b4, idling on my vtec1 is not so smooth. Acceleration is also sluggish. Anyone experienced this b4 and wad did u do to solve it?
  10. Suzuki's GSR400 has an EFI Honda's CB400 is still using carb unless u getting the latest revo model. GSR400 using monoshock system which some says very stable compared to dual shock system (CB400). CB400's spare parts are easily found coz it's HONDA. my 0.000002 cents opinion only
  11. wad are the spanner sizes commonly used for super 4 vtec1?
  12. any stress on engine if use lesser teeth sprocket?
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