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  1. Never get caught with a puncture or flat tyre again! Compact Slime Brand Air Pump comes with battery tender(plug) included. Just attached tender to your battery and keep the wire in your fairing/seat until you need it. If you want to pump or have a flat just connect the tender to the pump and inflate! No more getting stuck on the highway! Pump and ride to your nearest workshop eliminating downtime and tow truck which can be very troublesome. Better yet if you have a tire plugging tool you can repair on the spot and continue your journey! It also comes with crocodile clip and 12v cig con
  2. Dunno abt now but last time abt 6 mths. Dont rush. Make sure you master the skill properly and develop your road sense when going on the main road. Its ok to ride ebike but don ride like hooligan or like you own the road and pavement. Think safety of yourself and others around you don matter ebike or motorcycle Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi bro. interested in your s4. can sms/whatsapp me at 94890309? THANKS! :)

  4. u can contact me via sms/whatsapp 9061 9589

  5. bro im interested in ur bike. when can i view?

  6. Hey guys, trying my luck here to see any forumers with this experience. Just bought a 2005 trajet. Test drove below 80km/h was ok. After collect drove on highway, between 85 to 100 km/h, car will shake uncomfortably..can say vibrate also. But it decreases after 100 but still have vibration.. Anyone has this experience with their car? I suspect the suspension or engine mount Wads ur opinion? Anyone can help?
  7. Siapa2 tahu mana nak servis speedo Dan rpm meter? Agak2 berapa?
  8. hey bro, you must be the guy who just rolled out a rsv4 in jurong west mscp? nice bike!

  9. Hi thanks for your note. yes might be looking into those soon. now still using my trusty army goretex. but need to get one for the gf.

    anyway i pm you abt hjc is multi. are you using it?

  10. Saw that you are viewing raincoat.

    How about u go down Motoworld to look at the rain buster? Looks and feels light weight but priced at $80 retail price(RP), need to bargain to get cheaper. But think they have limited size now.

    More popular are the drymaster(RP $140) and the drymasterX(RP $190).

    DrymasterX is super light, feels like a wind-breaker. Just my opinion.

  11. CoStar

    Harley Riders gather

    haha.that i can only wish. or when i strike lottery. is 1000 mainly deposit purpose or also downpayment? if the feest the bike are settled upon collection, does it mean i pay the fees and get the bike the same day?
  12. CoStar

    Harley Riders gather

    hi guys, im just wondering..wad kind of financial strategy u guys use to get a harley? like downpayment how much and stuff..so that it will be sweet problem free ride and not burdened with excess cost.?
  13. from LAB. the old colours..not the new ones. it was 95. saw the guy strap the big big box to his 125z and rode away.
  14. maybe he want to make booking?
  15. oh okok.. and yup..bplus have. if can don buy racing boy ones. ugly and not nice(no offence). u might have to sacrifice some stuff though..like mainstand or sidestande depending on the footrest. but if u havent go bplus b4, please note they only sell..not fix..
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