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  1. Cleared my TP today! It was a long 1-month wait since clearing my lesson on 19 March. Booked 2 road revisions and 2 circuit revision after taking a 3 week break to get myself back in the tempo and the morning rush hour. Reported at 7am and there was a total of 51 testees. Went for 2 rounds of warmup and there was a lot of waiting here and there. Test started at 830am and we were dispatched in groups of 10. By the way, you can't really choose the bike you want, it's all random though some of them got what they wanted. I basically got 4 different bikes for the 2 warmups, circuit test and roa
  2. I think it's change lane immediately after signalling, TS would have gotten IF if he/she change lane when traffic is coming too close from behind. When you intend to change lane, you need to keep more to left/right, signal on, check mirror and check blindspot and change lane smoothly, you don't turn your handlebar too much else it will look like you are turning left or right and not changing to left or right lane. you have to do it smoothly.
  3. I am not a natural rider, I felt lesson 2 really taught me well and I felt that was the most important lesson of all the 8... Just completed my final lesson 8 today and cleared with 12 points. 4 points being looking down during E-brake, I looked down because I overshot the red line during my revision during session 1, that was my first time overshooting since lesson 4. 4 points for failing to engage into correct gear when stopping/turning, I got this when I was exiting from crank course and I was in the yellow box but in gear 2. and 2 x2 points for incorrect position. Overall, upon complet
  4. Hi, Happened to chance upon this forum when I was looking for advices on taking class 2B at CDC. The thread seems outdated and so decided to create another thread here for updates. I have been driving for the past 20 years and always wanted to learn riding and this year I made this my resolution for 2019 and decided to go register for class 2B in Jan. Skipped BTT because of class 3, and went straight for DRT and RTT scheduled on 16 March. First lesson: circuit orientation on 1 Feb. Basically an intro to the entire circuit and nothing much on this, got the first chop and proceeded to bo
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