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  1. Go to FB Yamaha tricity SG page....U will get ur and there
  2. Tricity 155 now available. Anyone gotten the new ride? What colour did u choose? Personally I like the Matt Grey as it makes the bike look slick. Now checking out the accessories. OTR quoted by Hong Leong is SGD14.4K, exclude insurance.
  3. Hi,


    I've xferred $20 to ur account and under my nick Streetwise

  4. Heard the bike is quiet when not revving? How's the pickup speed from idle? Glad that bike is stable at 110kph . How's the maintenance? Change oil and spark plug only? Waiting to see what will Honda come up next for bike below 201cc
  5. Hey Guys, Think it's time to give a review of ur Bike? Power : eg, pick up speed from idling.......from 80kph to max? Top speed : Engine : Ride & Handling : sitting comfort? stability? cornering? vibration? stability at 90kph? Quality & Reliability :
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