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  1. Fine here Silverghost, i thought you follow them to Cameron? Go once enough issit,hehhe. Been there,done that (that kind of thing eh). Good to hear from you, safe rides for the buggers here too! Since I'm aldy post something, might as well promote my stuff . hehhee. Wiling to buy komine riding pants and spine protector, go to garage sale http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/352134-Komine-Riding-Pants-amp-Back-Protector-Sale?p=7496094&highlight=#post7496094
  2. Kanna sai, got backfired. Anyway its a good one!
  3. SYM and Fazer fix lion head also welcome too? So many shirts already, why not try something special like mugs,caps,thumbdrive or iphone cover... Uncle Custom> I manage to take out my exhaust pipe and fix it with bamboo. My bike can go 220km/hr without any problem, perhaps you should try it too.
  4. what a coincidence,ex d9 members go for sym now. I thought im the only one going crazy,what the heck.
  5. 2007 - 2011 FW77 The One that got away.....
  6. Yah, can't forget the experience and ride with you buggers last time. Bike is gone but the memories will not be gone. Memories when you blind everyone and do "disappearing act" with McTan ahead of us (you terrible speedster) . Btw, you too riding SYM down there,300i? Have fun with your mistress, err I mean SYM on the China Roads Uncle Safe ride.... .....and dont' stop meditating.
  7. Hi guys. Long time no see. Hope eveyone is fine,me too doing fine. After long toughts and normal commuting rides to work everyday,I decided to sell offmy beloved diversion eventually. The new owner will appreciate the immaculate condition of the tourer and have a chance to ride the smooth air cool engine.The "so-called" under utilised bike hardly makes it tyres on Malaysia roads and commuting for short journeys to work with it is not necessary.As for now,i'm now scootering around with my sym bike and finally in all my rides,i can stretch my long legs and enjoy the big storage compartments,hehehe. Power and smooth engine asides, a class 2b bike can certainly save some on my pockets. Stepping into mid life crisis one day, i feel we cant have the best in both worlds. Ride safe and enjoy our rides.
  8. Hi Salim, Bluetooth connectivity is hassle-free compared to wires. Bluetooth device compatibility on iphones however are so limited even till now. I did DIY a headset and boom mic on my helmet last time but I use walkie talkie instead of handphone. Eventually the entire project is a let down. Speakers can only be heard at not more than 60km/hr. Walkie talkie always not in effective range with other riders and end up talking to myself. Messy wires feels so uncomfortable. Obviously not for the touring up north. If wanna talk to pillion on local roads, just wear flip up helmets. Consider the necessity upon purchasing such intercom device as it may burn a hole in your pocket. There was a thread regarding Intercom subject in the :Accessories,Products and Gadgets Section last time. Maybe u might want to read up some of their personal thoughts and views. Hope this helps
  9. Maybe quite a hassle with that limited space against the tyre. Maybe those long high speed rides up north are the cause of it as small stones hit the rear and onto the shaft. Happy Chinese New Year !
  10. The axle shaft near the rear suspension was noticed to have its paint being chipped off and rust. Should have diy-ed a rear hugger last time, anyone encounter this problem? I'm quite worry if the rust deteriorate after some time.
  11. I think the belly pans meant for super4 can be used for our bikes. Diversion owner too?
  12. I just secure it by drilling 2 holes at the bottom and bolt it to the rear plate. The quick release mechanism is hard to secure and release..maybe too new,very virgin. The foam may come in handy if needed and getting it locally is no easy task,might just get it as a package the first time. Apply armourall on the plastic case would give some life to it's dull finish . R u going to mount that 1300 to ur bike?
  13. Typo error, its 1200 not 1500. Ebay,I bid for $35.95USD and delivery for $32USD. Total $67.95USD = $90.33SGD. The brand speaks for itself. Small and just nice on the rear. The foam can be taken out. Now, no more worries of prata or chicken rice smell in my panniers, furthermore, it's sealed for freshness
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