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  1. Most cruisers in SG are now class 2 for brand new BUT there is one that is fairly similar in terms of riding style that would be the Daelim Daystar 250 (class2a) (http://cka.com.sg/brands/daelim/) Alternatively, you could try Zontes V310 its a cruiser (sort of) Or you could try and scout for Honda Shadow 400s but in 2020 you could say most cruisers >400CC are extremely rare I have been on a voyage around SG finding dealers who are willing to bring honda shadows back but most of them are not interested sadly
  2. As of now im still looking for one haha im looking towards a harley davidson dyna currently if i dont find other crusiers to my liking by next year june. cause its kinda over my budget haha
  3. As far as i know most of the cruiser bikes are found mainly in the US/US website i can kinda assume that there all mostly made there and exported out...
  4. Anyone knows any dealers that sells import/cruisers in SG ? cant seem to find any dealers apart from harley or Mah Some Bikes like : Honda Shadow Phantom or the Vulcan
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