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  1. I understand there is a 12 month from passing the 2A, but is that for the test or to even do a practical? I would really like to do the practical and theory a month before I book the test for after the 12 months if that is possible. Finally, I heard CDC has the longest waiting list for the TP test - but think I 'm better going there because I did my 2B there. Thoughts?
  2. I am enrolled at Comfort Delgro for my 2B. It seems the next test is the 23rd, but my last theory is the 24th and there are no earlier sessions. The following test date is not published, but other threads suggest it is every 2 weeks but may be booked out. 1) What is my chance of finishing the last theory on the 24th then doing the Theory test 13 days later if I book immediately after the final theory? (what timeframe should I expect) I can only start lesson 6 after passing the RTT, and can only book the practical after passing lesson 8, plus it seems there is then a 1.5 month wait for
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