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  1. ahh, i almost forget this is singapore.. money management is tough.
  2. For me if i change lane, for example if i want to change to the right, i would position my motorcycle a little bit to the right but i will still remain in the lane, after that i would check my mirrors for every 3-4 seconds if there's a vehicle on that lane, if the vehicle on that lane is too near i would focus on the road first to maintain my motorcycle position then look at the mirror to see if he's slowing down or speeding up, if it's safe to do so then check ur blind spot and move to the lane smoothly. Honestly speaking on the road u have to be quick to judge the driver/rider so called "Bod
  3. 4th time is actually not so jialat, i know one person repeating prac 7 for like 7th time? Really feel bad for him. But as long u are able to get ur license that's all it matters.
  4. woah, sometimes this kind of thing happen really dam suay, if i were in ur shoes i also dam shag.
  5. Dam, so that's how it works, anyways i also manage to pass my prac 7 for the 1st attempt with 16 points, now waiting for TP on the 11th april, like a finally i can get it done with.
  6. for bajaj pulsar ns200, quite good for class 2b tho, but yea when i was looking around for my R15 to book the bike i saw quite a few second hands of bajaj pulsar ns200, at first i thought it was first hand bike hahaha, anyways i would pefer cb190r, for some reason the specs of the bike is better then cb150r to my point of view.
  7. Alright i will take note of it, luckily i am able to book my CR and RR on the afternoon and proceed to prac 7 on 8.20pm on monday, at least i won't be so stiff as usual. Can't wait to get my R15 V3 man @[email protected]
  8. Well, that could be true, maybe it depends on the instructor also, anyways let's put that aside, i am able to book my final assessment for next monday, hopefully i get to pass one time cause the amount of money for prac 7 is quite high.
  9. Hello guys! i enroll on SSDC on 26/10/2018, went for my orientation lesson first on 3 November and did my theory lesson from 1-4 on 8 November and manage to pass my BTT and RTT test for 1st attempt. So far i tried to clear asap due to working, sometimes even after my night shift work i would straight go to SSDC to take lesson on the morning or afternoon, here is my progress i am able to made it so far. 08/11/18 - 13/11/18 Prac 1 x3 20/12/18 - 28/12/18 Prac 2 x3 09/01/19 - 01/02/19 Prac 3 Part l x2 08/02/19 - 09/02/19 Prac 3 Part ll x2 On the 15th of Feb i did my CR and proceed to Prac 4
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