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  1. Thank youMAgicJ. Yes I am aware there are no tracks in Singapore, and I plan on riding in KL, however do need to bring the bike in. I will call the numbers mentioned in your post and see if I get a clear pic. thank you again, Boman.
  2. Hello MagicJ, Thanks for the links. I am after what the procedure is for a bike to be imported, but not registered for road. Its a race bike, so only track riding. Any ideas ? Boman
  3. Gents and Ladies, Hello, I plan on moving to Singapore in the near future and am looking at bringing my track / race bike into Singapore with me. What is the correct procedure for this ? Is it a hassle or a straightforward transaction. The bike is a BW S1000RR Model Year 2013. As expected from a race bike, there is an aftermarket exhaust and race fairings, ad a whole bunch of other goodies. Thanks Boman
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