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  1. why will us mind you coming for meet up?? haha the more people better, list down your name and contact in the list ba =) cya
  2. why will us mind you coming for meet up?? haha the more people better, list down your name and contact in the list ba =) cya
  3. Local Meetup.... Date : 23 July 2011 @ 2000hrs Location : Seletar, Spicy Chicken Wings ( Halal ? ) 1) Africakali 2) kopiosatu 3) Terrybear
  4. bro u be the one organiser la, u own us one lo. that time say wan bring us go see monkey climb tree dan the monkey busy cannot climb dan end up all no go cancel hahahahaah gogogo u organiser one count me in if have meet up. =)
  5. er not really bro, not really auto gear, its semi auto cos u still have to change gear de only no need to clutch in to change its very hard to move at low speed because no clutch cannot play with vetting point and the cluthless very jerky at low speed de. go google it and u will see the review le haha
  6. haha ya hor anyway why wan buy cluthless? no clutch ride liao not song lo hahahaha feel funny without it
  7. wa i click one only i get dlb post. mob pls delete this
  8. bro u can try bike production for brand new one. heard u looking for clutchless de right u can try asking them still got stock or not lo best price can say so ba, i bought all my bike from them from class 2b to class 2 total of 5 bike liao so far my Fjr also buy from them de =)
  9. erm bro not really le. i remember when i bought my FJR half year ago from bike pro they did mention to me weather i wan clutchless or not but i wanted it with clutch. how can HL dont come in anymore clutchless when bike pro also take fjr from them?? Terencechp73 bro u might try asking bike pro see still got stock or not if you looking to buy a brand new one =)
  10. \whahahhahahahahahah bro u should go bang wall after seeing mine post!!!! i saw his bike before its the full silver one de!!!!! nice man! hahahaha
  11. Bro i had that same problem on my previous bike. i suppect its is due to air in the system just go to mech and do a bleeding on it. hope it help
  12. AHHHHHH not again another trip =( i really wish i can join you guys but! u know la girls kana tie down by my wife LOL
  13. haha i will ride by or drop by to check it out =) after my weeding lunch so look out for a full black FJR hehe BTW after that event yous guys going anywhere? if yes do drop me a sms at 97954307 terry here
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