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  1. In the past... There was a sign called "Left Turn On Red" displayed at usually a T-Junction. Safety concerns kicked in subsequently removing such signs. In short, move on with caution should lights be in your favour
  2. Left Turn Green Arrow Ahead - This means the vehicles on the extreme left lane can turn left when the traffic light in their position is RED, on the exception the Green Arrow appears. This usually happens at a T-Junction/X-Junction.
  3. Go Mustafa, buy the 1200 degrees cels (black or silver) Sand down with medium grit sand paper to remove all those brownish stuff on the exhaust Dry completely before sparying Spray really fine coats Maximum 2 or 3 coats Fix back, start bike, let it run for about 3 mins, let it cure overnight (or at least dont touch water)
  4. Get a proper mechanic to check out the main issue (It cannot be a fuse problem if you turn your key position to 'on' and you see lights) This bike requires decent electricity to drive the ignition coil (to ensure the spark plug is sparking), the timing of the magnet its marking (if the charging system is weak, not only will you get a bad battery but not able to start too), rectifier not rectifying a nominal voltage during operation Were there any other lights like Engine Light turning on? On this bike, Engine Light may also refer to weak charging system
  5. Rust on the fork? I assume it is rust forming on the chrome area? Where there is a chance it will go pass the oil seal? If you intend to keep the bike for long, either you do not compress the rusted part till where the oil seal is else your oil seal will give way as a matter of time Servicing a small bike's fork is usually considered expensive because the cost of buying a new set if about the same Even if you manage to remove the rust, it will come back because the chrome is no longer there If you manage to remove it and the chrome is still there, it is not rust to begin with but just
  6. It is best to understand very very very basic parts should you wish to embark on this journey like:- -changing your clutch and throttle wire by yourself and finding the biting point and freeway slack adjustment -changing your own spark plugs -changing your own EO and filter if it exist this alone will require a wrench/spanner or both, and maybe even a spark plug tool (on fairing bikes, screwdriver, allen keys...) Taking apart a bike, it is a big risk i will say if you are new because certain engine parts have gasket in between the metals and are usually not for reuse. To replace, you go
  7. Usually, there is a clutch switch. It has to do with your gear sensor. There are no conclusive answers For mine, I'll have to clutch in regardless the engine area is hot or cold because my gear sensor wires have been cut off. To prevent the need to clutch in, I'll have to solder the clutch switch together For your case, it sounds more like when your engine is warm, something is expanding (of cause hot = expand), thus blocking of certain signals which overruns the safety feature. (Monitor the front sprocket area, see if there is any oil seeping through the crankcase)
  8. If you are speaking about a battery not being able to hold a complete charge i.e. nominal voltage of 12.9v when measured with a voltmeter, your battery most probably have gone bad. The State of Charge "SOC" is no longer close to 100% Share with us your Battery brand, model, age, bike model. Battery Charger brand and model. Nominal Voltage when uncharged (left in open). It will be easier to come to a more proper conclusion.
  9. 'braking power will be lesser' - actually, we'll have to take into consideration the position of the caliper and the amount of pistons on the caliper too 'but need to fix bracket' - usually when a caliper which bears specifications of something other than the original, the bracket is recommended to be replaced 'inspection cannot pass' - yea, a lot of SG 125z who fixed flowery big disc (default SG spec is small disc) have failed their annual inspection Cheers!
  10. I'm assuming you're referring to the front braking system Single rotor = lesser braking power as compared to Dual rotors Generally, the bigger capacity the engine, the likelihood of dual rotors will be present That said, Harley is famous for having single rotor (of cause, there have been complaints about its braking efficiency & power) Usually on scramblers less those above 600cc, including cb400x, it is all single Further, it is a fact that a scrambler of 200cc or 400cc, the difference in its default top speed is almost the same To sum it up, when manufacturers believe that mo
  11. Hi all! I've been through several threads but I have still decided to create a new thread. The groups in existence could have different objectives I'm looking forward to gather riders of different categories. Whether Kups, Scramblers, Tourers, or Cruisers. So long we can ride comfortably with each other I plan to organise 1 Day trips in Johor. I have rode solo to the below mentioned itineraries Riding : CIQ -> Mersing -> Kluang -> Tol Skudai Riding : CIQ -> Malacca Hotel[2D1N] Riding : CIQ -> Teluk Intan Homestay [3D2N] Makan : Tebrau Shell ->
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