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  1. Sorry if i being a pest but i saw ur orange cb 400 on forum. May i know how much n where u purchase ur headlight n side box. N what it call. Sorry newbie here

  2. Bro u still doing the fender eleminator job? My no 85112459

  3. Hey dude. May I know how can I reach u? Really want to get the fender eliminator done. Thanks and holler back. ;)

  4. Hi bro. Interested of the fender thingy watever u called.. How much do u charge and where to do? Can msg me at this num 92297676 thanks

  5. U from uniSim? lol seen u around in uniSim and bukit batok =X

  6. Hi bro ! 1 month revo 2008 rider here . I have been dying To do the fender eliminator but all bike shop so ex and I'm afraid of poor workmanship . Saw many good reviews of you . Can you please SMS me at 90238705 ? As I don't have your number . Thanks dude !!

  7. all the HnB parts can get from HnB dealer (M-Technik) the whole setup will cost u ard $1.7K cos u still have to mod the rack to fit onto ur bike

  8. hey bro, where did you get your side box fixed eh? and how much is it? i'm interested to a set on my bike ah..thanx!

  9. yup how can i assist u bro?

  10. bro orange super 4 yours ah?

  11. Hi yup still available, should be able to fit as its is universal for honda, ur pm is full, have to clear it , i cant send pm to u

  12. No bro if i am not wrong as long as the BF is certified legal by LTA, it can be transfer to another revo, u only cant get new legal BF anymore...
  13. HAHA bro waiting for u to be free leh haha cos i 25th july starting school liao , see if u wan can arrange soon , sms me at 91883threefive6
  14. yup there are only less than 10 in singapore =)
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